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Scott Ostler has this column in today’s SF Chronicle. It is an open letter to Mark Davis regarding what happened to him and the Raiders at the recent NFL owners’ meeting and things that Mark Davis might do now to make amends with Raider fans who reside in Oakland.

I think this column should be read in its entirety; it is vintage Scott Ostler. Here is the link…

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading”

  1. I did not get the 49er references, but the article had plenty of good jokes and a solid What Would Al Do acronym.

    1. TenaciousP:

      As a spokesperson for a franchise Mark Davis leaves more than a little bit to be desired. So did Eddie deBartolo but he hired Carmen Policy to do the face in front of the camera stuff most of the time. Mark Davis can use a lot of help in that dimension of his ownership.

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