On Hiatus …

I am going on hiatus for a week or so.  There will be no rant tomorrow (June 27) and the plan is for me to return to the airwaves on July 8th.  My long-suffering wife and I are in traveling mode for the next week.

Let me foreshadow something here.  I have glanced at our calendar and there are going to be several times between now and Thanksgiving when the rant schedule will be disrupted.  I need to be more careful in terms of commitments to plans/trips/visitors and etc. in the future.

Stay safe and stay well everyone.  In particular, stay safe over the long July 4th weekend…


2 thoughts on “On Hiatus …”

  1. I missed the opportunity to add a comment on the Baseball 100 post that followed my recommendation of that book. I’m glad your Christmas-gift-giver gave you the opportunity to read it.

    In addition to the sections you highligted, I especially enjoyed the chapters about Roberto Clemente (my childhood hero) and Oscar Charleston (whose bio I sought out and read, after reading about him in this book; I wouldn’t recommend *that* book as highly).

    Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Daryl:

      Thanks again for the recommendation; I loved the book.

      For the record, it was my long-suffering wife who procured it for me…

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