Something Different Today …

I am going to try a new ”art form” here today – – simply because I think it might be fun to do once in a while.  Given that I am the author and the editor-in-chief here in Curmudgeon Central, I have the opportunity to see if this new form can clear the Supreme Court’s hurdle for obscenity by having an iota of “redeeming social value”.  So, take a look at my new thing out for a test drive…

  Here are four things that I know:

  1. The Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour is a good thing for the PGA players – – even those who will never play in an LIV event.  To counteract the LIV Tour’s poaching of players, the PGA found more money to add to purse structures and seems poised to relax their strictures on “appearance fees”.  That is good for the PGA players.  The fact that it is good for the PGA players does not alter the fact that the money behind the LIV Tour is tainted.  It demonstrates the validity of the adage that it is an ill wind that blows no good.
  2. I do not understand the fascination with esports on television.  When my grandson – – The Fog – – is playing one of his computer games, I might be able to watch him do his thing for two minutes before losing interest.  So, how are esports even a thing in the world of television?  I have to admit that I am not an accurate barometer of what makes for mass entertainment.  I have said for  years that I do now understand how pornography is sustained in the Internet because I do not think sex is a spectator sport.  Shows what I know…
  3. I know professional wrestling is fake; and so, I do not understand how it is as popular as it must be.  Basically, pro wrestling is an athletic soap opera; the pitting of good versus evil.  And yet, there is a company traded on the NYSE that exists solely to put on professional wrestling events and it is successful.  World Wrestling Entertainment stock is up 16% in the last year; its revenue for the past year has been $328M and its total capitalization is $2.1B.  Wow!
  4. I know that minor league baseball players are going to vote to be represented by the MLBPA to get better salaries and working conditions.

Here are three things I think:

  1. I think there will ultimately be a rapprochement between the PGA Tour and the LIV Golf Tour.  The LIV Tour does not need to win its anti-trust suit and collect humongous damages from the PGA Tour; it has enough money of its own.  The PGA Tour cannot afford to lose that lawsuit and another large chunk of its players such that it becomes a minor league of golf.  Ergo, it is time for some diplomacy and reconciliation…
  2. I think when the MLBPA negotiates on behalf of minor league players, the players will benefit significantly in terms of salary and benefits.  I also think that major league teams will reduce the number of players they pay to be in their minor league systems either by shrinking rosters or dropping teams or both.  Players will make more but there will be fewer players in the minor leagues.
  3. I think the Big-10 and the SEC have not finished their expansions in college athletics.

Here are two things I feel:

  1. I feel there is a need for an American woman to emerge in the tennis world with Serena Williams “evolving away from tennis” to maintain interest in the sport here in the US .  There are no American men at center stage at the moment; the most recent ATP rankings I saw had only two American men in the Top 25.
  2. I feel sorry for people who misuse two English words – – unique and masterpiece.  Unique cannot have modifiers; things are not very unique or somewhat unique; things are either unique or they are not unique.  Masterpiece does not have a proper plural form.  An artist or an author can only produce one masterpiece.  This is not a pet peeve of mine because I am only allowed one “pet peeve” in life and this one is not nearly important enough to have earned that status.

Here are three things that will come next:

  1. Now that Dennis Rodman has canceled his trip to Russia for the purpose of bringing Brittney Griner home, I suspect the next attention seeker to take up that challenge will be Jose Canseco, Terrell Owens or Megan Rapinoe.
  2. I will spend less time using Facebook.  I have spent about 1.5 hours per week on the site over the last month – – and it is just not worth it.
  3. The NFL starts tonight with the first of its 272-game regular season schedule.  Let the games begin…

Finally, apropos of nothing, here is an entry from The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm:

Leaf Blower:  A device that answers the age-old question, Hey, can we design a rake that makes noise?”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………



6 thoughts on “Something Different Today …”

  1. I like the writing and format. However, you left off John Daly as the person to bring home Brittney Griner.

    1. TenaciousP:

      Agree that Daly loves the spotlight – – but he never seemed to me to be aware of international events.

  2. 1) The LIV shows how much the suits were pocketing on the competitors on the PGA tour for years. Tainted money is nothing new in sports – the Mafia running boxing? The NBA should be called the CBA – China’s Bitches Assoc. Supporting a government of genocide and slavery.

    2) I’m with you. I might understand it if it was a game I played, and I was trying to get tips/strategies. But even when I golfed, it was maybe 50-50 I’d watch Sunday at the Masters. Not watching esports.

    3) exactly true, WWE is a soap opera. But how long did THEY run on TV?

    4) the guys were making 10K. The government should have stepped in and at least made the teams pay minimum, no exemptions.

    1. Ed:

      Your Point #1 above is absolutely right on.

      As to Point #3, pro ‘rasslin was on TV when I was a kid back in the 1950s and it is still there because I run across it every once in a while as I go grazing through the channels on my TV.

      AS to Point #4, when the government “steps in”, there are usually unintended consequences that are not beneficial.

        1. Ed:

          Also when I was a kid, there were soap operas on afternoon TV. That was in the mid-50s – – so do the math…

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