On Hiatus

These rants will go on hiatus as of today until mid-March.

My long-suffering wife and I are leaving on Sunday for a long road trip down the East Coast of the US to Florida and then to return.  Along the way we will be visiting a whole lot of friends, former colleagues and family members who have taken up residence either in Florida or along our way to and from Florida.  As you may well expect, I will manage to fit a couple of spring Training baseball games into the schedule during our time in the Sunshine State.

I will take my computer with me but will not have nearly enough time to do the research and the writing to maintain the normal schedule.  If and when I find time to do some writing, the things will be more like postcards than normal offerings.

We will return on 13 March and my plan is to get back to normal writing rhythm starting on Monday 16 March.

Stay well, everyone…