The Jets Lead The News…

In recent years, the Bengals, Browns, Cardinals, Jags, Lions, Raiders and Skins have dominated NFL news items involving ineptitude and outlandishness.  A team that has been on the periphery of that septet has now seemed to demand entry into that “fraternity”; welcome to the NY Jets.  Yesterday, they fired their GM and handed that job – on an interim basis to be sure – to their new head coach who arrives with a career record of 23-25 and whose experience as a GM is ZERO.  As if that is not bad enough, consider:

  • The GM they just fired is the guy who just hired this hugely successful coach
  • The GM they just fired is the guy who signed up all the team’s free agents for the 2019 season.
  • The GM they just fired is the guy who organized and ran the NFL Draft that just passed.

If the GM was found to be embezzling team funds, I can understand this decision at this time.  If there are allegations that he has been sexually abusing household pets, I can understand this decision at this time.  Absent anything of those natures, this decision is ever so indicative of a franchise in disarray.  Welcome to Disarray Island, NY Jets.

Earlier this week, there was a headline at that read:

  • Ten Storylines to Watch at the PGA Championship 

As you might imagine, the examples here were nonsensically focused on Tiger Woods to the extent that the entire compilation read like an old David Letterman routine on “Ten Things…”  This is NOT the list; it is my impression of what the author there wanted to write – – but the editor demanded a slightly broader coverage:

  • Will Tiger Woods Eat the Same Breakfasts at the PGA as He Did at the Masters?
  • Did Tiger Woods Sleep Well Last Week?
  • How Regular Has Tiger Woods Been – A Septic Tank Check-up.
  • Does Anyone Dare Challenge Tiger Woods for This Championship?
  • Notice That Tiger Woods Always Wears Matching Socks in Majors
  • Will Adverse Weather Affect Tiger Woods at All?
  • Is Tiger Woods’ Caddy the Smartest Caddy on The Course?
  • Can Tiger Woods Go “Back-to-Back” in Majors? [On the golf course; not with waitresses. Get your mind out of the gutter…]
  • Can Tiger Woods Fart His Way to Fame This Week – – and the most important story line form this weekend’s PGA Championship
  • Which is Closer to the Bethpage Clubhouse – a Perkins Pancake House or an IHOP?

Since I was speaking about a headline to an article at just above, let me note here that all the way back in 2016, those same good folks reported that Caitlyn Jenner would pose nude for a Sports illustrated cover.  I wish it were not so because the image evoked is significantly worse than disgusting – – but here is the link:

For anyone seeking a sign that the apocalypse is upon humankind, take that event and put it high up on your list of things to watch for…

Speaking of silly storylines and/or headlines, here is one from The Onion.

  • Kyrie Irving Promises He Won’t Quit on Whatever Team He Signs with This Offseason

When you read the stories going around now that the NCAA is contemplating changing the 3-point line in men’s basketball from the current distance to the “international distance”, the best advice I can offer is the title of a former cable TV comedy show:

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

If my calculations are correct, the displacement of the 3-point line will be a grand total of 20 inches.  A difference of 20 inches would be important if you were comparing:

  • A home run that just cleared the left field wall in a baseball game
  • A horse race involving a purse of $2M
  • A 4th and 20 play in the Super Bowl that gained 19 yards and 16 inches
  • Porn Star A versus Porn Star B.

With regard to men’s college basketball, this would be a cosmetic change and nothing more than that.

Finally, here is another golf comment from an author and golf champion of the past, Horace G. Hutchinson, since the PGA Championship will commence later today:

“If profanity had any influence on the flight of the ball, the game of golf would be played far better than it is.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………



6 thoughts on “The Jets Lead The News…”

  1. I disagree. At least initially, the 20 inches will make a big difference in college basketball. First, expect more teams to park shooters in the corners where the 3-point line will be closer. Second, attacking the basket will be marginally more advantageous than long range shooting. I think it’s a good change. Maybe the 10-foot jump shot will return to college hoops.

  2. Having spent a significant portion of my life on Long Island, allow me to answer your question about the pancake availability. There was no Perkin’s near the Bethpage golf courses, but there are more than enough iHops to satisfy the most carb craving golfers in the area. My favorite food place in the area is Zorn’s of Bethpage, which is a local joint that makes rotisserie chicken and duck. As the Long Islanders might say, it is to die for. By the way, the golf courses at Bethpage are fantastic, the Black being the most difficult.

    1. Rich:

      Good to hear from you again – – and thank you for the local color of Long Island. Rotisserie duck sounds awfully good!

  3. No Perkins on LI at all, there’s one in Staten Island. Then again, with his history… did he go to Perkins when he was hungry or lonely? Seems to me he ordered off the menu there…..

    Plenty of color out there – 5 courses, all named by a color. Only time i set foot on Black was when I was sorta kinda a wee bit wide on a shot launched from Red and had to go get the ball from an adjoining fairway.

    State ought to be glad Daly is gone… with his cart. They don’t let the Great Unwashed ride carts on Black. (they do on the other 4)

    WELCOME to Disfunction Island? The Jets have had at least a time share there for years. They had Belicheat as their head coach.. for one day. Then he writes a one line resignation note.

    Several years ago there were about 7 GM openings. The other 6 teams got football men. The Jets hired beancounter Idzik. Later, loser!

    This is a franchise who moved and one of the owner’s biggest complaints was about the REST ROOMS! To a stadium with another team’s name on it.

    He also wanted results.. and hired Richie Kotite, maybe the worst coach in NFL history. Yeah, the team looked like they were hitting rock bottom – until Richie started to dig.

    They hire a coach who gets a tattoo of his wife wearing the starting QB’s jersey…. the one whose legacy is fumbling after sliding face first into the butt of his guard on Thanksgiving Day…..

    ..I could go on, but do I really need to?

    1. Ed:

      The Kotite hiring because the onwer then wanted immediate success – – because he was getting old – – may be the dumbest move in NFL management history. Ranks up there with Art Modell firing Paul Brown as the coach in Cleveland?

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