Taking Issue …

Bob Molinaro’s “Weekly Briefing” column is in the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot on Fridays.  I often use one of his briefing points – or “Briefs” – as a way to provide a concise statement and comment on something in the sports world.  Sometimes, however, Professor Molinaro and I disagree; and in those circumstances, I prefer to present his point and offer a rebuttal.  Such is the situation today.  Here is one of his “Briefs” from last week:

“Move on: Slow to panic or fire head coaches, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a reputation for being the NFL’s model franchise. Had. Maybe they can start to regain it by moving on from disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown and free-agent running back LeVeon Bell, giving Mike Tomlin a chance to reboot an underachieving team that needs a shake-up.”

I take issue with the implication here that the under-achievement by the Steelers is somehow divorced from the performance of Mike Tomlin as the coach.  Yes, I know that he has won a Super Bowl for the Steelers and that his record over 12 years with the Steelers has him winning 65% of the games; those results are not an accident; Tomlin is an excellent coach and he has worked with the team’s front office constructively to evaluate and develop talent.  I stipulate all of that.

Over the past couple of seasons, however, the Steelers organization has not been as tightly organized as it has been in the past.  In the past couple of years, the Steelers have had:

  • An assistant coach run onto the field in a playoff game and get in the face of an opposing player – – without a penalty to be sure
  • The drama of LeVeon Bell and his contract dealings
  • Members of the offensive line publicly calling out Bell for not reporting to the team
  • Ben Roethlisberger go on the radio and make unusual statements to include an announcement that he might retire after a mid-season loss
  • Antonio Brown recording and posting on social media internal locker room happenings
  • Antonio Brown torching the team and the front office for playing favorites.

At some point, the head coach must be part of this dysfunction; his job involves leadership and consensus building within the team.  Mike Tomlin is a fiery guy who often wears his emotions on his sleeve; and it seems that he has – in the past – been very successful in letting players have a long leash.  Maybe the leash was too long, and this is the Steelers’ price to pay for it?

The Steelers are a team in turmoil and that situation will continue to obtain if Bell stays there or if Bell moves on.  It will also continue to obtain with or without Antonio Brown in town.  It will continue to obtain until Mike Tomlin becomes the adult in the room and makes it clear that jobs and playing time for the team depend on some sort of personal discipline on the field and off the field.  I think Bob Molinaro gave him a pass here…

Here is another of Professor Molinaro’s “Briefs” from last week:

“Recycled idea:  Not an original thought, but if the NBA wants to do away with tanking it should get rid of the draft.  Allow college players to sign with whomever they wish after taking into account which franchises provide the best fit and opportunities.  Selfishness over playing time would keep the top prospects from flocking to a select few teams.”

If I were confident that the final sentence above would prevail, I could think about giving this a try.  However, I wonder if the lure of playing time would be strong enough for a prospect to look at teams like the Pistons – playing home games to 74% of capacity this season – or like the Timberwolves – playing home games to 79% of capacity this season.  Contrast to those teams the nine different franchises that are playing to home crowds of 100% capacity – or ever so slightly more with the approval of the local fire marshal of course.

It would not take too many seasons where a downtrodden team – – say the Pelicans once Anthony Davis takes a hike – – where none of the top college or international prospects choose to go there descends into a talent abyss.  Attendance will similarly crater and then the team will not be as able to bid for veteran free agents to help climb near the edge of the abyss such that college talent will consider going there.  I think this idea – recycled or not – is Russian Roulette for franchises.

Please do not infer any malice or ill-will from the comments above.  This is simply a situation where Bob Molinaro and I disagree.  Nothing more…

Changing the focus here…  There are times when I just shake my head in disbelief at how tone deaf/out of touch some people can be in the world today where social media makes known boneheadedness.  The NY Post reported this week that a high school cheerleading team in Wisconsin came under censure for team awards handed out at the end-of-year banquets.  According to the report, the team gave out the usual awards for “Hardest Worker” and “Most Improved”.  No problem there; those are standard fare at such convocations.

HOW-EVAH, for the last 5 years or so, the team also gave out the “Big Boobie Award” to the girl with the largest breasts and the “Big Booty Judy Award” to the girl with the largest butt and the “String Bean Award” to the skinniest cheerleader.  I am trying to put myself in the mindset of the genius who thought this up in the first place, but I can’t get there.  Add to that befuddlement the idea that someone would continue to do something like that for about 5 years and my brain is gyrating inside my cranium.

The ACLU has been central to putting a stop to such nonsense.  [Aside:  While I completely agree that these behaviors are outrageous, they do not fit my definition of a violation of civil liberties – – but that is a quibble.]  Lest anyone think I am making this stuff up, here is the link to the report in the NY Post.

Finally, MLB seems to be right in step with the current trend toward inoffensive language formulations and Dwight Perry took note of that recently in the Seattle Times:

“Major League Baseball will henceforth refer to its disabled list as its ‘Injured list’.

“So what’s next, getting the list sponsored by Hertz?”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………