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Today will have to be brief.  Yesterday we closed on our purchase of a new condo and we are in the process of listing/selling our townhouse.  That does not leave me a lot of time for research or typing.  Now, if anyone here would like to purchase a lovely townhome in Falls Church, Virginia which has been the site of Curmudgeon Central for the last ten-and-a-half years …

NFL free agent QB, Mark Sanchez, did not enhance his value when he flunked a drug test and incurred a 4-game suspension.  Predictably, he said that he had no idea how the stuff showed up in his system because he had made no changes in his diet or supplement regimen and he had passed lots of these tests in the past.  I guess that is standard operating procedure these days; no athlete who flunks a drug test ever has a clue how it could have possibly happened.

There is an irony here.  Sanchez is suspended for violation of the league’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy.  The juxtaposition of “Mark Sanchez” and “performance enhancing” is discordant.  Imagine how he might have performed without any enhancement…

Consider this comment from Bob Molinaro in the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot from a couple of weeks ago:

“Grant Hill is the first Duke player to be voted into the Naismith College Basketball Hall of Fame. But for what it’s worth, Lefty Driesell, who joined Hill in this year’s hall class, also played for Duke before going on to a great coaching career.”

Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery made mention of this during the weekend of the Final Four and – frankly – I have a problem with this.  I do not begrudge Grant Hill’s induction in any way; he is fully deserving of recognition in the Hall of Fame.  My problem is that he is the “first Duke player” to be voted in.  Excuse me; how can Christian Laettner not be in the COLLEGE Basketball Hall of Fame?

There have been conflicting reports linking Rick Pitino to the open coaching job at Sienna.  I have no idea if there is any substance to these reports but – rightly or wrongly – Rick Pitino would be a punching bag in any college basketball coaching position.  The folks at the NCAA would go apoplectic – once they calmed down.  The media, which has already tried and convicted Pitino of nothing short of crimes against humanity would be merciless in their coverage.  So, riddle me this:

  • How about Rick Pitino to fill one of the openings in the NBA?

If he is hard over to continue in the coaching profession, I really think the NBA is the place for him to go.

Finally, here is a comment from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald channeling Carnac the Magnificent:

Answer: I just saw that the UM men’s tennis team is ranked 46th in the nation.

Question: Do you think maybe they ‘re ranking too many teams?”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………



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  1. Art Heyman, ncaa player of the year in 1963; three time All American.

    Dick Groat, two time All American in basketball and baseball.

    1. Doug:

      Heyman should also be included. Groat’s basketball achievements are over-shadowed by his baseball achievements, so I could forgive the voters for forgetting about him. However, Christian Laettner’s college career – some of which overlapped Grant Hill’s time at Duke – was simply amazing. I am not saying that Hill or Heyman or Groat is unworthy in any way; I am amazed, however, that Laettner is not already in the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

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