The Dark Ages …

Today begins the “Dark Section” of the sports calendar in the US.  Consider:

  1. MLB is on hiatus for things like the Home Run Derby Nonsense and then the All-Star Game;
  2. None of the NFL teams have reported to training camp yet so we still do not know who reported to camp overweight;
  3. All the important NBA free agents have already signed on for next year and the Summer League games are even worse than D-League games in terms of entertainment;
  4. I could not even find a mention of hockey or the NHL in this morning’s paper.

Fortunately, I do not rely on game results for material to craft these rants; were that the case, I too would be on hiatus this week.  But here in Curmudgeon Central, I have my trusty “clipboard” …

Since I mentioned the MLB festivities in Miami this week, let me begin with a comment from Greg Cote in yesterday’s Miami Herald:

“Monday’s Home Run Derby and Tuesday’s 88th All-Star Game come to Marlins Park. It should be two nights of non-stop feelgood and cheering … well, assuming they don’t inadvertently introduce Jeffrey Loria.”

Since I mentioned the NBA Summer League games, let me remind you that Lonzo Ball’s first summer league game was an ugly performance on his part.  He missed lots of 3-pointers and even missed layups; if you did not recognize him so you knew who he was, you would have concluded that this guy will never make a D-League team let alone the Lakers.  This is the guy who was supposed to erase all of Magic Johnson’s records/accomplishments with the Lakers.

Then, in his second Summer League game, Lonzo Ball had a triple double.  Go figure…

Since I cited a comment from Greg Cote of the Miami Herald above, let me insert another item from his column yesterday:

“Sentences I Never Imagined Writing, one in a series: ‘Todd Marinovich is making a comeback at age 48. Marinovich was most recently in the news when arrested on drugs while naked.’”

When I read that, my first thought was that this had to be some sort of garbled communication; Todd Marinovich could not possibly think that he was going to get a look from an NFL team.  My second thought was that I did not recall him being “arrested on drugs while naked.”  So, I ventured onto the Internet and found this report from and learned the following:

  • Marinovich will try to make the SoCal Coyotes of the World Development Football League.
  • Marinovich was indeed arrested when he was found naked in someone’s yard and in possession of marijuana and meth.
  • Marinovich has been sober since that arrest.
  • The SoCal Coyotes are one of four teams in the Pacific Division of the World Development Football League along with the Arizona Wolves, the California Sharks and the LA Saints.

I also learned from Internet browsing that there are two local teams in this league called the Maryland Carnage and the DC Wolverines.  Until this morning I had no idea such teams existed.

In football news “north of the border”, the Canadian Football League has a new commissioner and he is a former CFL player and Grey Cup champion.  Randy Ambrosie was an offensive lineman who played in the CFL for 9 years and was on the 1993 Grey Cup champion Edmonton Eskimos.  After his playing career, Ambrosie was the secretary of the CFL Players’ Association and he has held several positions in the financial/securities industry in Canada.  His educational pursuits took him to the University of Manitoba, Columbia Business School and the Wharton School.  It would certainly appear as if he has plenty of perspective from various vantage points to lead the CFL.

When introduced as the new CFL Commish, Ambrosie sounded more like a football coach than a buttoned-down financial exec from mahogany row:

“I know from experience that football is the ultimate team sport. I’m confident that by working together, we can ensure this great league reaches its full potential. Let’s get to work.”

Finally, let me complete the trifecta here with a third citation from Greg Cote of the Miami Herald:

“Phil Mickelson split from his longtime caddie and the only people on Earth who cared were Phil, his caddie and golf writers.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………



5 thoughts on “The Dark Ages …”

  1. Dog days of football summer are too much for me. That’s it. I’m moving to Russia.

  2. The Rollig Stone and articles about Loria were just hilarious…the deadspin one was a treatise on “F” word use in describing a team owner & his antics…but don’t get me wrong……

    1. Jim:

      Jeffrey Loria did not endear himself to the fans in Montreal when he owned the Expos and has not become a fan favorite in Miami either.

  3. Marinovich getting yet another chance reminds me of Steve Howe in MLB, IIRC a six-time loser on the drug front. He died with meth in his system in a truck rollover in SoCal. What’s not clear is the pay scale for the WDFL, and whether that is enough to support a habit. So, while I wish Marinovich the best of luck in beating his addictions, I am dubious of his claim to be “sober” after less than a year from his last bit of fame. Those who I know were in 12-step never claim to be sober, because they know it is a lifetime battle.

    There is also the question of skill set relative to many other players who could use the work. I know George Blanda played into his geezer years but he also place kicked. There are tons of QBs of all types who probably throw better and move better. Even the USC connection is a long time ago, and your typical LA sports supporter has the memory more like that of a goldfish than an elephant. Unless… the Giants are involved, then they remember everything.

    1. Rugger9:

      In addition to uncertainty over the pay scale in the WDFL, the other uncertainty there is the caliber of the players on defense against whom Marinovich would be playing.

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