Administrative Note

Ever since I started doing these essays on the Internet in 2002, I have spent the football season making “Mythical Picks” every weekend. I have foolishly tried to pick every NFL game and a few college games every weekend. Usually, I wind up in the red in these endeavors but I continue to do it because it’s fun and it gives me a way to make fun of some of the really bad teams and outrageously bad performances by good or bad teams.

I cannot commit to doing that this year. I am in a situation where I will be moving into a new home in late September. I will need to be away from a reliable and constant access to the Internet for about a week prior to moving in and then will be dodging painters and movers and decorators for at least a week – and probably more than that – after moving in.

Oh, and I’m about to become a grandfather for the first time which will engender visits by me to my grandson and his parents and by my grandson and his parents to me over the next several months. Let me be clear; those visits take priority over any writings that I might want to post here.

The upshot is that I will not be able to do my Mythical Picks every weekend and so I cannot meaningfully keep a season-long tally of successes and failures. Here is what I will commit to do:

      I will do NFL and NCAA Mythical Picks on those weeks where I have the access to the Internet to do the “research” to make the picks and to distribute the picks that I ultimately make.

Beyond that, I can’t make any promises because I can’t be reasonably sure that I can keep those promises.

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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