Tournament Notes…

Here are a few of the notes I made while watching 16 NCAA tournament games yesterday. My TV remote definitely needs fresh batteries for today…

For Ohio State/Dayton:

    Aaron Craft does lots of good things and he also travels a lot – but never gets called for it. His “flagarant-1 foul” with 2:35 left to play in regulation may just be the turning point of the game. By the way, it was a correct call.

For Wisconsin/American University:

    (18:10 to play in first half) Kaminsky just too big on the inside. AU cannot let him get the ball 5’ from the basket without doubling him.

    (16:40 to play in first half) AU held Boston U to 36 points in conference tournament game. Not today!

    (16:08 to play in second half) This game is not only over, it is going to be a blowout.


    (17:26 to play in first half) Pitt off to 7-0 start and Colo has not gotten a decent shot yet.

    (10:00 to play in first half) Pitt leading 21-5 and the game is not nearly that close.

    (Halfitme) How did Colorado win 20+ games this year in a real conference?

NC State/St. Louis:

    SLU is a bad shooting team. Both teams playing sloppy for the first 10 minutes.

    Jordair Jett was A-10 Player of the Year; TJ Warren was ACC Player of the Year. Really?

    (Second half) This game is painful to watch.

    (5:00 to play in second half) SLU is using the foul anybody immediately strategy that Valvano used with NC State to win the tournament. I can shoot fouls better than NC State. Don’t they have anyone on the bench who can play a bit AND shoot foul shots?

North Dakota State/Oklahoma:

    (First half) The OU offense seems to be “pass the ball till someone gets bored and then he throws up a shot”.

    (First half) N. Dak St center, Bjorkman, is big and is a good defensive player.

    (OT) Nobody did anything for the first 3 minutes of OT and then it was all N Dak St.

Texas/Arizona State:

    (13:12 to play in first half) Neither team plays any defense. People who played “OVER” must be happy.

    (6:00 to play in second half) Graphics for Texas players says they are all underclassmen. No pros here so they should be back next year. Can any of them learn to play defense?


    (First Half) ‘Nova 3-point shooting just piss-poor. They need to pound the ball inside. Wisc-Mil has hit at least 4 3-pointers; that is how they are still in this game.

    (11:58 to play in second half) “Nova finally hits a 3-point shot. That makes them 1 for 17 from out there.

    (8:00 to play in second half) Wisc-Mil plays hard but are physically overmatched here.


    Cincy missed 12 straight shots in first half. I’ve seen rec league teams with better shooters.

    Cincy got a technical foul because they did not have a player in the scorebook. That happens a lot in rec league games.

    Cincy defense gives Harvard problems; they never saw that kind of pressure in the Ivy League.

Syracuse/Western Michigan:

    W. Mich is overmatched. Syr has 6 steals in first 8 minutes. This game is NO CONTEST.


    Oregon clearly faster and more athletic. BYU plays “surgical offense” to get good shots. First half has runs by both teams. Game in doubt at halftime.

    (14:11 to play in second half) BYU has 2 problems. They do not always play their “ball-movement offense” and the do not box out on their defensive boards.

    (8:00 to play in second half) Oregon will win this going away.


    (6:15 to play first half) Florida is bigger and faster but Albany has hit every decent shot they took. Score is 26-26.

    (14:15 to play in second half) Score is still tied 39-39

    (12:30 to play in second half) Florida got three straight turnovers in about 30 seconds. That might break game open.

Michigan State/Delaware:

    (15:35 to play in first half) Delaware is the quicker team; Mich State is the MUCH bigger team.

    (12:00 to play in first half) Mich State is hitting 3’s; if that continues this game is history.

St. Joseph’s/UConn:

    Stats for first half said St. Joe shot 56%. Sure did not feel that way.

    Entertaining game – close and lots of lead changes.

    UConn has 3 big players they rotate in the game. None of them can play a lick of offense.

    (OT) All UConn. St. Joe just ran out of gas.


    (12:00 to play in first half) Mich is focusing on making the “highlight reel play”; not efficient. Wofford missed everything early on and the score is still only 8-6 Michigan

    (Halftime) This game is a mismatch – if Mich just goes out and does its business instead of trying to get on SportsCenter.


    Manh confused by L’ville pressure at first but adjusted nicely.

    L’ville shooting is awful; could not hit sand if they threw a ball off a camel.

New Mexico St./ San Diego St.:

    Is SDSU a great defensive team or is New Mex St just “off” for this game?

    (Late 2nd half) SDSU is a good defensive team but NM St. makes them look great by missing a lot of open shots.

Finally, as you watch today’s games notice an advertisement for Bud Lite. It touts Bud Light’s new aluminum can shaped like a bottle with a screw top on it. Think about that for a moment:

    The can shaped like a bottle and the screw top are hardly cutting edge technology.

    They never mention the swill that is inside that container.

    Who thought that might convince me to buy Bud Light?

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Doug  On March 21, 2014 at 11:48 am

    In defense of NC State, they were playing for the fifth time in eight days. They ran out of fuel in the final eight minutes of regulation.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On March 22, 2014 at 11:31 pm


      I believe they missed 12 foul shots in the final 8 minutes.

  • Doug  On March 24, 2014 at 7:25 am

    My bracket looked so sensible on Wednesday. I was still feeling OK after Thursday’s games. By Friday night I was asking my self about the wisdom of a pick or two. Now, even though all my Final Four picks are still alive, the bracket has far too much red. My South bracket is a shambles.

    I wonder if Hood and Parker will declare for the draft before the championship game. Same with Wiggins. These guys did not have their hearts in the tournament.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On March 24, 2014 at 8:27 am


      According to reports, the ESPN Million dollar Bracket Cheallenge and the so-called “Warren Buffet Billion Dollar Bracket” event had EVERY entry dead and buried as of Friday night. Don’t feel bad about your brackets being in shambles; most of them are. I too have all four of my Final Four teams alive – but there is a lot of “red ink” on my bracket sheet too.

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