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Yesterday, on Pardon the Interruption, one of the questions that came out of the mailbox had to do with whether Alex Rodriguez should apologize now that he has dropped his lawsuits and has accepted the arbitrator’s decision – a one-year suspension from baseball. I would like to give my answer to that question:

    Of course not…

Let me explain. The first – and most important reason to me is that were he to apologize, I would not believe a word of it. There has been precious little “truth” emanating from A-Rod’s larynx for a long time now; why seek or even listen to an apology if you are going to doubt its accuracy in addition to its sincerity?

Let me be clear; I fully expect him to give an orchestrated apology sometime later this year. Perhaps it will be with Oprah; perhaps it will be on 60 Minutes; maybe A-Rod and Lance Armstrong can sit down and have a chat with each other in front of a camera and a fireplace. There will be a mea culpa eventually once the image handlers have polished the text and have determined that the time is right to present “contrite A-Rod”. The problem they will face at that point is that “contrite A-Rod” makes “belligerent A-Rod” from the last six months look like an even bigger liar.

Oh, by the way, why would I ever believe a word that flowed from the mouths of A-Rod’s phalanx of lawyers and PR mouthpieces. I understand that people in that role must profess the innocence of their client but those folks “promised” more. They promised that there would be a full disclosure of the evidence they had and that disclosure would show MLB, Bud Selig, MLBPA, and the late Michael Weiner to be venal and conniving witch-hunters. It would certainly appear now as if one of two conditions exists:

    1. There is no such evidence and there never was.

    2. If there is “evidence”, it is not the kind of “evidence” one might want to testify to under oath in a courtroom.

Therefore, the bottom line here is that there is no need for an apology because it just will not be credible. Here is an interesting proposition bet:

    What will happen first?

      A. A video of A-Rod hitting baseballs, taking grounders and working out hits the Internet demonstrating his dedication to resume his MLB career.

      B. A-Rod does a staged and televised mea culpa.

One more thing on this sordid mess that I have found interesting all along. Recall when A-Rod stormed out of his arbitrator’s hearing denouncing MLB and saying he could not take any more of MLB’s sham process. When he walked out of whatever building the hearing was in and stood in front of a few cameras, there was a car waiting there to pick him up. On that day, I had the sense that his “grand exit” was a staged event and not a spontaneous act upon learning that Bud Selig would not be testifying in the matter. Maybe I am reading too much into that; I do not read minds. Nonetheless, the lack of truth telling on the part of A-Rod and his lawyers/handlers keeps that conclusion alive in my mind.

Back in 2009 when Manny Ramirez was suspended for PED usage, here is what I wrote:

“Here is the bottom line that the bulk of the sports media needs to deliver to athletes who ‘make bad decisions’ or ‘inadvertently test positive’ or whatever:

    “Professional athletes – – and the pro athletes who masquerade as NCAA athletes for a year or three – – are NOT victims in 99.9% of these cases. They are perpetrators; they have been caught; they were too stupid to cover their own asses. They do not deserve our sympathy or our forgiveness; they deserve our scorn. To use a British phraseology, they should be ‘sent to Coventry’.”

Greg Cote had this comment in a recent column in the Miami Herald:

“The NHL is on its Olympic break until Feb. 27. Based on the standings and playoff race, is there any point in the [Florida] Panthers bothering to even resume play?”

The Florida Panthers could stop playing and people may not notice. More than a couple of comments about the attendance at Panthers’ games have focused on the fact that the team always reports attendance of greater than 10,000 fans and some folks suggest that the actual number of fannies in seats is clearly in “four figures” and not “five figures”. Be that as it may, I have not seen any Florida Panthers home games to get a personal feel for how full their arena is. However, there is a promotion going on with the Panthers that would lead me to conclude that they do have a plethora of tickets available.

Here is the deal… If you buy a Florida Lottery ticket – one of those “scratchers” – and the cost of the ticket is $10 or more, then you can exchange any losing ticket for a home Panthers’ game on any Tuesday or Thursday night. Think about that for a moment…

    The lottery ticket is a loser; you cannot cash it. Try to think of something less valuable than a losing lottery ticket. That is not easy to do.

    Now, if you will deliver that piece of worthless paper to the Panthers’ box office on a Tuesday or a Thursday, they will let you in to see the game. The cost to you is ZERO.

So, what conclusion might one draw if the Florida Panthers play a Tuesday or Thursday home game and it is not “Standing Room Only”?

Finally, Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times had this comment regarding the NHL Phoenix Coyotes:

“The NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes will be redubbed the Arizona Coyotes next season, the team announced.

“Given the team’s 2-8 faceplant in playoff series since its 1996 move from Winnipeg, maybe it ought to be Wile E. Coyotes.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Rich  On February 11, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Now that the NHL has given the Panthers some time off for bad behavior, they can spend a couple of warm relaxing weeks taking in some quality hockey games in sunny downtown Sochi.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On February 12, 2014 at 10:35 am


      I just checked and the current temp in Sochi is 59 degrees F and the sun in shining.

  • Doug  On February 12, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Maybe I should care whether A-Rod offers an apology, but I don’t. His apology would rank somewhere on my lists of cares near the attendance numbers at Florida Panthers games or TV replays of ice dancing at Sochi.

  • Doug  On February 12, 2014 at 7:43 am

    Perhaps you have already seen this, but here is a very interesting link:

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On February 12, 2014 at 10:40 am


      Thank you for that link; I had not seen that. I agree that Marcus Smart may indeed have been provoked and that his “mental state” at the time of the incident with the fan was hardly “calm and contemplative”. I also assert that he crossed a very bright line when his hand came in contact with the Texas Tech fan. I think a suspension was in order; we can debate if 3 games is the proper length, but I do think a suspension was necessary.

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