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An alternative viewpoint to be sure. Here I take the time to single out specific issues that just annoy me.

Finally, The Mueller Report

The NFL hired former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, to investigate what happened within the NFL such that the league botched the handling of the “Ray Rice Affair” so badly. That was about 4 months ago which seems to me to have been a supremely protracted length of time. Finally, The Mueller Report is finished and […]

Meathead Of the Year – 2014

Every once in a while, I run across a news report of someone who has done something truly stupid or extraordinarily anti-social. My first reaction is that folks of this ilk probably have a goal in life to be recognized as a fully competent ambulatory saliva containment practitioner. Imagine their self-esteem when they can reliably […]

Bad Ads 2014

Watching lots of sports on TV is a tough job – but somebody has to do it. So, I do. There is an old adage that every cloud has a silver lining. That sounds so hopeful and positive; however, it also means that every silver lining has a cloud hanging around it. That is called […]

2014 – The Year In Review

As the world’s crops have gone through a complete growth and harvest cycle, we are all preparing to see what 2015 has in store for us. However, there are some folks who got off the train – so to speak – in 2014 and today I want to recall them for one last time. January: […]

NFL Improvements – One More Time

I have done this type of thing multiple times in the past where I make suggestions as to how the NFL could make itself or its product even better than it is. The reason I pick on the NFL here is that it is the best of the US professional leagues in terms of marketing […]

Misplaced Anger

I have said that the NFL was tone deaf in the way it dealt with the Ray Rice discipline matter from the time the announcement of the 2-game suspension hit the streets. I have said that the prosecutor(s) in Atlantic City, NJ should be ashamed of themselves for their leniency in that case. I said […]

Turmoil In The Sports World

Recent events endanger my status as “the sports curmudgeon”; I can foresee lots of perfectly normal folks adopting that attitude if things keep breaking as they have. How can one be merely a fan – or even just an open-minded observer – of the sports world given the bizarre events of the last week or […]

NFL Predictions 2014

Demonstrating my immunity to embarrassment, it is time again for my NFL analysis and predictions. The season is about to get underway and I will try to forecast how the regular season will end. I will leave these words on the website; they will not mysteriously disappear – unless the whole website crashes and burns […]

Ex-Jocks Behind A Microphone

Last weekend, I had a chance conversation with someone in the neighborhood who is a displaced Chicago White Sox fan. I mentioned something about a recent Nats’ game that had been on the local cable network. That led my neighbor to express displeasure with the Nat’s color announcer on the local cable telecasts, F.P. Santangelo; […]

World Cup/Olympic Construction In Brazil

You still have time to make your travel plans. On June 4-6 this year, the World Pork Expo will happen at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. There are a dozen flights a day from Chicago to Des Moines or you can fly to KC and drive about 200 miles to the event. There […]