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An alternative viewpoint to be sure. Here I take the time to single out specific issues that just annoy me.

NFL Improvements – One More Time

I have done this type of thing multiple times in the past where I make suggestions as to how the NFL could make itself or its product even better than it is. The reason I pick on the NFL here is that it is the best of the US professional leagues in terms of marketing […]

Misplaced Anger

I have said that the NFL was tone deaf in the way it dealt with the Ray Rice discipline matter from the time the announcement of the 2-game suspension hit the streets. I have said that the prosecutor(s) in Atlantic City, NJ should be ashamed of themselves for their leniency in that case. I said […]

Turmoil In The Sports World

Recent events endanger my status as “the sports curmudgeon”; I can foresee lots of perfectly normal folks adopting that attitude if things keep breaking as they have. How can one be merely a fan – or even just an open-minded observer – of the sports world given the bizarre events of the last week or […]

NFL Predictions 2014

Demonstrating my immunity to embarrassment, it is time again for my NFL analysis and predictions. The season is about to get underway and I will try to forecast how the regular season will end. I will leave these words on the website; they will not mysteriously disappear – unless the whole website crashes and burns […]

Ex-Jocks Behind A Microphone

Last weekend, I had a chance conversation with someone in the neighborhood who is a displaced Chicago White Sox fan. I mentioned something about a recent Nats’ game that had been on the local cable network. That led my neighbor to express displeasure with the Nat’s color announcer on the local cable telecasts, F.P. Santangelo; […]

World Cup/Olympic Construction In Brazil

You still have time to make your travel plans. On June 4-6 this year, the World Pork Expo will happen at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. There are a dozen flights a day from Chicago to Des Moines or you can fly to KC and drive about 200 miles to the event. There […]

NFL Draft Analysis – 2014

For new readers, let me do a reset here. I like college football and I watch a lot of college football from the comfort of my easy chair in front of a TV in the Fall. I keep a sheet of paper next to me and make notes on players that I think can play […]

College Athletes = College Employees?

A recent ruling by a subset of the National Labor Relations Board held that college athletes should be considered employees of the university. The athletes – football players at Northwestern to be specific – demonstrated that they put in significant time and effort in the name of the university and that their time/effort generated significant […]

Ten Worst NFL Coaches – Part 2

Picking up where I left off yesterday, here are the “second five” on my list of the ten worst NFL coaches since I have paid attention to the NFL. As before, the folks are presented alphabetically… Rod Marinelli has had one head-coaching gig in the NFL. He led the Detroit Lions from 2006 through 2008. […]

Ten Worst NFL Coaches – Part 1

Lately, it seems as if everyone wants to talk about who should be on the “Mount Rushmore” of whatever slice of the sports world is of interest at the moment. I do not like “Mount Rushmore” arguments because in order to “leave someone off” the mountain, you have to disparage their accomplishments – and the […]