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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

A Wandering Mind Gathers No …

The sporting world lost three recognizable folks over the last week or so: Tommy Mason passed on. He was the first player drafted by the Minnesota Vikings back when they were an expansion team. Bill Monbouquette passed on. In addition to his own achievements as a major league pitcher, I recall in the late 60s […]

Media Day Circus

Yesterday, I wrote about MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, being open to rules that would limit “extreme defensive shifts”. I said I knew such ploys existed back to the time of Ted Williams and left it to baseball historians to date it even earlier than that. It could not have been more than an hour and […]

Deflategate Is A Conspiracy Theory

I have a new computer but still none of my old documents and information. I would guess there is a 10% chance that I will ever see any of that old info. So, here I go, starting from scratch. You cannot possibly be any more tired of hearing about “Deflategate” than I am. Since I […]

Admin Note

My old computer is dead. It served me well; it was time for it to go to the Great Internet In The Sky. Two problems however: 1. I lost access to all of my historical records and to the clipboard I kept for things to write about. That will make pickings slim for the next […]

Catching Up…

Catching up on a variety of issues since I was last “on the air”… Doug Marrone opted out of his job as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. There was a clause in his contract that said he could do that and be paid $4M this year anyway in the event the team was […]

Mindless Musings Today…

I doubt that many folks would argue that the NFL has evolved its rules over the past 20 years to infuse offense and scoring into the game. I think this is an overall perspective to keep in mind as you look at whom six NFL teams just hired to be their new head coach. There […]

Super Bowl Silliness Time

For the next two weeks, sports reporting will be a mélange of predictable stuff. There will be far too much made of preparations for the Super Bowl; any and all Twitter pronouncements from each and every hominid associated with either team will be parsed and analyzed even more than a State of the Union address; […]

The Super Bowl Teams Are Set…

The participants in this year’s Super Bowl game are set; the two conference championship games that led to this matchup could not have been more different. The Seahawks/Packers game was full of errors and turnovers; it went to overtime after a furious Seahawks’ rally to come from 15 points down in the final 5 minutes. […]

All Star Officiating Crews…

After the Lions/Cowboys game and, more importantly, after the cries of “conspiracy against the Lions” had died down, lots of folks focused on the fact that Pete Morelli was the head of an “All Star Crew” of officials who had not worked together at all during the regular season. Much was made about the teamwork […]

Congratulations To Ohio State

The College Football Playoff determined a national champion on the field and the results of the three games leave only a faint cry in the distance when it comes to disagreement with Ohio State as that national champion. Horned Frogs everywhere can muse about what might have been, but the dominating victories that led Oregon […]