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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

Get Those Tax Returns In…

To recognize today as the day on which US Income Tax Returns are filed, let me offer an observation from a former British Member of Parliament, Jerold Rochwald, with regard to taxes: “Nuclear physics is much easier than tax law. It’s rational and always works the same way.” Niners’ linebacker – and sackmaster – Aldon […]

Who Is This Person?

We had a guest for the weekend for whom watching The Masters creates a similar sense of euphoria as watching March Madness instills in me. For that reason I watched and heard more “golf television programming” in the last 3 days than I have watched/heard in the last year. Twice – once on Friday and […]

Legal Issues Today…

Back in July 2012, I wrote that the NCAA should not issue the ‘Death Penalty” to Penn State just as the “Sandusky Matter” was exploding in the headlines and people were demanding the removal of Joe Paterno’s statue on the Penn State campus. My thesis was that the NCAA was an organization with an overarching […]

Venting Spleen Today…

On the eve of The Masters – which begins today – there was a column on titled, “72 things I love about the Masters”. Now, it should not shock any frequent reader here that I could not possibly come up with 72 things that I love about The Masters under threat of waterboarding, but […]

Pass The Rolaids, Please…

I am neither a sociologist nor a historian so my ideas with regard to the origins of cuisine at athletic endeavors are just speculation. Having said that, I do believe that there is a significant difference in the culinary offerings at baseball venues as compared to the other major sports in the US. I think […]

UConn Wins It All

Unless you are a Kentucky alum or you had a large wager on the Wildcats to win last night’s game, you had to enjoy the championship game last night. The first half saw UConn dominate early and Kentucky make a run to close the gap to 4 points at halftime. In the second half, the […]

Briefly today…

Just a bunch of discombobulated notes today as I await the Final Game for the men’s basketball tournament tonight… I read a report last week that Seahawks’ QB, Russell Wilson, said that he saw no reason why some day people might consider that he was the best QB ever to play the position. He said […]

Expanding Earlier Commentary…

Earlier this week, I expressed my wish that the NCAA would continue to lose out in the procedural actions with regard to the Northwestern University football players’ attempt to be qualified as employees of the university so that they might unionize. In the same rant, I expressed why I thought unionization was not a beneficial […]

Feast Or Famine?

The Washington Redskins’ acquisition of DeSean Jackson could turn out to be a “feast or famine” deal for the Skins. There is history regarding player movement between these two teams and not all of it has worked out well for the Skins. Consider: In 1964, the Eagles’ owner signed Joe Kuharich to be the coach […]

The DeSean Jackson Matter

Sports talk radio has been focused like a laser on “The DeSean Jackson Matter” for several days now. The fact that Jackson signed a multi-year deal with the Redskins last night will allow many of the hosts to recycle the segments they have been doing for the past several days simply by changing the objects […]