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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

Bidding For The 2024 Summer Olympics…

According to various reports, there are 4 cities that want the US Olympic Committee’s backing in an attempt to host the summer Olympics in 2024. Other reports say there are 6 cities “in the mix”. One of the cities on both lists is Washington DC – a city with which I have more than a […]

Tone Deafness Strikes The NFL

There must be an epidemic of tone-deafness running amok in the NFL. The league took a lot of heat from fans and just general folks with regard to the perceived leniency in Ray Rice’s meager suspension for assaulting his fiancée. That was bad; then the NFL allowed/sent one of its vice-presidents to Mike and Mike […]

A Sesame Street Day

To give you a time perspective here, my two sons are 40 and 38 years old as of this morning. When they were “single digits” in ages, we would often watch Sesame Street together. That viewing experience is the inspiration for today’s rant. As in many of the old-time Sesame Street episodes, today’s rant is […]

Admin Note

My writing schedule for the next week will be sporadic. My grandson – and his parents too of course – are visiting us from Ireland so the time for writing and research will be other than normal for me. Please check back here during the week when it is convenient you; I really cannot predict […]

If You Are In The Area Tonite…

If you are in the Little Rock, Arkansas area tonite, you might want to think about taking in the Arkansas Travelers’ game there. The team has often hosted Clunker Car Night promotions whereby a fan or three win a car in “less than mint condition”. However, tonite, the Travelers are setting sail for that concept […]

The Tony Dungy Brouhaha…

Surely, you have heard/read by now about Tony Dungy’s remarks regarding the drafting of Michael Sam and the furor it seems to have caused. In short, Dungy said that Sam should have the opportunity to play in the NFL but that he (Dungy) would not have drafted him because he did not want the distractions […]

Recommended Reading

I do not follow hockey nearly as much as I follow other sports and I have never pretended to be knowledgeable about the sport. When I got my copy of Sudden Death, The Incredible Saga of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos, I was not sure what to expect. If I know only a little bit […]

The Dismal Science

I am not an economist; I took an economics course at the dawn of the Iron Age and recall only a few basic concepts. I am capable of doing arithmetic, however; and that ability made me stop and call “Bulls[p]it” on a report by Bloomberg News asserting that LeBron James return to Cleveland would boost […]

RIP Red Klotz

Red Klotz died about a week ago. Most folks know him as the player-coach of the Washington Generals or the New Jersey Reds or the Boston Shamrocks. Those were the teams that toured with the Harlem Globetrotters and lost virtually every game they played. Klotz was actually a good player; he played for the Philadelphia […]

Letting My Mind Wander…

I had occasion to watch part of The Open Championship over the weekend. I heard two golfers interviewed as part of the coverage and they both said that part of their “game plan for the course” was to attack the Par 5 holes and try for birdies there. The ESPN interviewer nodded when they said […]