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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

Admin Note

The writing schedule for the next week and a half will be sporadic and possibly non-existent. Visits by friends from out of town and two family events in the next 10 days will dominate the schedule here in Curmudgeon Central. Please check back periodically. I will definitely be back to a more regular schedule starting […]

Tiger Woods Is Not A Happy Camper

The latest tempest in a spittoon involves Tiger Woods getting his knickers in a knot because Dan Jenkins wrote a satirical piece in Golf Digest about Woods. It purports to be an interview with Tiger Woods but readers may have gotten a clue from the headline that this was not a transcript of a real […]

A Soccer Match For The Ages?

A little more than a year ago, the San Marino international soccer team scored its first goal in international competition in more than a 5-year span. Notwithstanding that feat, San Marino failed to win the game; in fact, San Marino has never won an international soccer game. The international team has been in business since […]

Adrian Peterson/Ray Rice/How Will It All End

The NFL has suspended Adrian Peterson for the rest of this season. The NFLPA will appeal that decision. Claims and counterclaims are flying around from unnamed sources about this matter. I do not pretend to know all of what happened at the time that Adrian Peterson disciplined his young son but I want to go […]

The DEA Meets The NFL…

Last Sunday, agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency conducted some “surprise inspections” of NFL visiting teams looking for any irregularities with regard to the dispensing of controlled substances particularly painkillers. Several reports said that the inspections had their origins in allegations made in the “concussion lawsuit” regarding improprieties with these substances under the Controlled Substances […]

A Record For Futility…

Last week in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Kobe Bryant set an all-time NBA record. Until last week, John Havlicek held the record for the most missed field goal attempts in a career at 13,417. In that game last week, Kobe missed attempt 13,418 and he continues to add to the record. Dwight Perry […]

Rookies Of The Year – And More…

MLB named the Rookies of the Year earlier this week. Jose Abreu won the American League award with a unanimous vote; I cannot think of any good argument in favor of anyone else for that award. In the National League, it is somewhat different. Mets’ pitcher, Jacob deGrom, is the Rookie of the Year. My […]

An Added Service – At No Extra Charge

It stands to reason that anyone who reads these rants more than once in very long while is some kind of a sports fan. It also makes sense to conclude that sports fans who read these rants have friends/relatives who are similarly sports fans. Now, with the Christmas/Chanukah season approaching and the tradition of gift […]

Baseball Doings

There have been two managerial changes in MLB already. With regard to the Twins’ hiring of Paul Molitor as their new manager, I think it would have been more important for the Twins to hire him as their designated hitter. Whatever… The Cubs’ hiring of Joe Maddon is a bit more interesting. Maddon has proven […]

Bottom Of The Barrel

People spend most of their time focused on the best teams in a league trying to sort out which of the top teams is actually THE best team. It is a useful train of thought and it can generate plenty of debate. Here in Curmudgeon Central, I spend time focused on the worst teams in […]