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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

No Inside Info – I Swear…

I have a confession to make… When I wrote yesterday’s rant about the valuation of sports franchises and how Forbes might react to the Clippers having sold for $2B, I had exactly NO IDEA that Forbes was about to come out with new valuations for NFL franchises. No matter what it might look like, this […]

A Franchise Bubble?

On Monday, I suggested you might want to read a report in the Seattle Times about Steve Ballmer and his involvement with the basketball program at Lakeside School in suburban Seattle. That report got me thinking about Ballmer and his purchase of the LA Clippers for $2B and what that might mean for the future […]

Recommended Reading

Mike Baker has a report in the Seattle Times about new Clippers’ owner, Steve Ballmer, and his involvement with the basketball program at Lakeside School in suburban Seattle. The story is well researched and well written. In case you might wonder how someone who could afford to spend $2B to buy an NBA franchise might […]

The New Commissioneer Of MLB

With the election of a new Commissioner of MLB, there has been an outpouring of “advice” for Rob Manfred regarding things he needs to do to improve the game. Some of the “moldy oldies” get dragged out of the storage shed and into the sunlight one more time in these words of advice such as: […]

The “Look Of The Games” Logo…

The folks in charge of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 revealed their “Look of the Games” branding design for the event. I cannot even begin to describe it; you will have to look here to see it for yourself. The creators of that “thing” say that it demonstrates the “harmonic diversity” of Brazilians and […]

Revenge Of Frankenstein

Like the sequels to the old time horror flicks – The Mummy Returns, Revenge of the Mummy, The Mummy’s Sister’s Boyfriend etc. – it appears as if we will receive yet another visit from the “Biogenesis Bother”. Last week, the Feds filed criminal charges in the matter; setting aside for the moment any possibility that […]

Hopping Here And There Today…

I guess the “breaking news” of the day is that the NBA announced that the sale of the LA Clippers to Steve Ballmer closed yesterday. Donald Sterling no longer owns the team but he continues to sue the NBA over the forced sale; not surprisingly, the NBA has counter-sued Sterling claiming that his actions have […]

NCAA Loses Round One…

Whilst I was enjoying a long weekend in Seattle visiting friends and watching Mariners’ baseball, Ed O’Bannon won the first round of his legal battle with the NCAA. I cannot – with a straight face – pretend to offer up a rational analysis of the judge’s decision in the case; I can only pretend to […]

Admin Note – Off To Seattle…

I will be off the air for the rest of this week. I am heading to Seattle to visit old and dear friends there and to take in 3 or 4 Mariners baseball games. The White Sox will be in town and if the rotation holds, I will get to see Felix Hernandez pitch on […]

Strike Outs In Baseball

Yesterday’s rant on the modern orthodoxy of taking pitches to wear down starting pitchers had not been “on the streets” for more than 2 hours when I got an e-mail from someone who has been reading these things before they ever went on the Internet. He told me that I needed to “put the pieces […]