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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

Administrative Note

My long-suffering wife and I will be hosting out-of-state visitors are our “vacation house” all next week. That will reduce the time I have to “do research” and write the daily rants. Posting will be sporadic at best next week. My priority is to gather the info needed to do the two Mythical Picks for […]

The Disciplinarian

More than a few folks have written – and sports talk radio is all over this idea – that Roger Goodell has to be fired in the wake of the goat rodeo involving Ray Rice and his fiancée/wife. I do not think that is necessary or justified and I believe that those who are calling […]

The Ray Rice Affair

When a coach resigns or a player takes time off from his career, one of the standard “explanations” is that he wants to spend more time with his family. I do not know who might be the PR person or the publicist advising Ray Rice about now but I would suggest that meme be absent […]

Welcome Back To My TV…

After welcoming the NFL back to my television set over the weekend – a lengthy weekend indeed, since it started on Thursday night – I realized something about the “national games”. On Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night the NFL puts on games where there are no other pro football options available to the […]

Keth Olbermann On Pete Rose Banned From Baseball

On Monday night, I tuned in to see Keith Olbermann’s program “celebrating” the 25th anniversary of Pete Rose’s banishment from baseball. I enjoyed the program and it made me think again about the issue of Pete Rose’s continued estrangement from the game. I am on record saying that he should be reinstated and that he […]

Schizophrenic Month Coming Up

As we begin the month of September, be forewarned that this is going to be a schizophrenic month: Sept 5 is “Be Late For Something Day”. I know some people who celebrate this day 365 days a year; they avoid punctuality like poison ivy. Sept 6 is “Fight Procrastination Day”. These celebrants need to work […]

Recommended Reading

I often quote Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle. He is insightful and entertaining at the same time. His son just went off to college leaving an “empty nest”. This column in the SF Chronicle demonstrates that Scott Ostler is a wonderful writer in addition to being a sports columnist. I commend it to your […]

Is the NFL Starting to “Get It”?

I am on record here saying that the 2-game suspension given to Ray Rice after his “domestic violence event” was meager. I said the NFL was tone-deaf sending one of its VPs on ESPN Radio to declare that the NFL had taken a tough stance with regard to domestic violence. I said that Ravens’ fans […]

Football Wagering Season Cometh…

Tomorrow will bring the first of many “Mythical Picks” communiques as the college football season is about to happen. Over the last several months – actually one of the inquiries came from last December – several readers have asked for my opinions regarding various issues surrounding gambling on football games. Anyone who reads these missives […]

Sports Hash…

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Phillies had some “untradeable contracts” and received a note from a fan of the Texas Rangers that said in part: “ …unless he does a 180, Shin Soo Choo will be stuck on the Rangers like stink on [excrement].” Choo was injured in a game and the Rangers announced that […]