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My daily (or whenever) contributions to what is currently going very, very wrong in the sporting world.

Jay Cutler To The Bench…

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that there had been stories in Chicago that the Bears had contemplated benching Jay Cutler back in Week 12. I said then that the idea of turning the season over to Jimmy Clausen with 5 or 6 games still to play would not have been a positive step […]

Least Influential People?

Drew Magary writes feature items for GQ Magazine. While GQ is not one of my normal “go to sources” for material for these rants, Messr. Magary did a feature a couple of months ago about the “least influential people in the world”. I would not presume to know enough about the “celebrity world” or the […]

NFL Coaches Back Next Year?

Just as it makes no sense to put out pre-season rankings for college football and basketball teams in advance of any live action, it always seems to me to be premature to think about which coaches in the NFL might not be back with their teams the next year until about now. For about half […]

Just Drifting Around Today…

John Daly won a professional golf tournament about a week ago. The last time he did that, he won the Buick Open back in 2004. The tournament he won recently is just a tad less widely known than the Buick Open. Daly won the Beko Classic. The Beko Classic is a tournament held at the […]

Pretending To Be A Senator…

When a US Senator gets up to speak, he/she usually begins by asking for unanimous consent to revise and extend his/her remarks after the fact. Setting aside for the moment the idea that Senators would be accountable for their words simply because they are among the first people to scream for “accountability” for everyone else […]

Stadium And Arena Venue Issues Today

Today would seem to be stadium/arena venue day. I must have missed the memo and I never saw any Hallmark cards commemorating the day. The reasons for today’s “celebration” come from cities around the country where stadium/arena venues have percolated to the surface at about the same time… Let me start with news from St. […]

Bad Pro Football Teams 2014…

Sometimes a team with a bad record is one that has a string of bad fortune and the bad fortune caused the bad record. More commonly, teams with bad records deserve each and every morsel of the humble pie they are forced to eat; they earned their bad record; they truly are what their record […]

Not A First Amendment Issue

Much has been made about the 5 St. Louis Rams wide receivers going onto the field last weekend with their hands in the air in support of Michael Brown and the statement in response to that act by Jeff Roorda, a spokesman for the St. Louis Police Officers Association. Of course, some people immediately tried […]

The Beauty Of Twitter…

After the Seahawks throttled the Niners on Thanksgiving night, Twitter was the venue of choice for Niners’ folk who needed to vent. Team President Jed York used Twitter to “apologize” to Niners’ fans for a game he said was “not acceptable”. Cass Balke, the daughter of the Niners’ GM used her Twitter account to declare […]

Admin Note

The writing schedule for the next week and a half will be sporadic and possibly non-existent. Visits by friends from out of town and two family events in the next 10 days will dominate the schedule here in Curmudgeon Central. Please check back periodically. I will definitely be back to a more regular schedule starting […]