A Tip Of The Hat To Brad Dickson Today…

Because I have not spent any time watching the Winter Games recently – save for ice hockey – I will randomly include commentary from Brad Dickson in the Omaha World-Herald. He seems to have paid far more attention to the events than I have.

“Here’s a good indication your relationship is in trouble: your significant other blows off Valentine’s Day dinner to watch Olympic curling.”

Police in Houston are investigating a car robbery. It seems that Ed Reed went to a bank, withdrew $50K in cash and put it in a paper bag. He then drove to a second bank, left the bag on the front seat of his car and came back to find the bag gone. Let me just say that this report poses a couple of questions for the police to answer – in addition to who nabbed the bag:

    1. Why did Ed Reed need $50K in cash?
    2. How did the thieves know that bag contained money?
    3. Most importantly, why did Ed Reed need $50K in cash?

Let me pause here to include another cogent observation on the Winter Games from Brad Dickson:

“Let’s be honest, curling is not the most exciting sport. It’s like a Facebook look back movie only without all the drama.”

Back in December, Marcus Smart got high marks for choosing to stay in school for a second year instead of going in the NBA draft last summer. Smart said that he needed to improve his game and most of the adjectives used to describe him and his decision were laudatory. Since December, here are a few things that have happened:

    Smart lost his composure and kicked a chair after a disappointing game.

    Smart shoved a fan who had taunted him during a game

    Oklahoma State has already lost 10 games this year (They are 4-9 in the Big-12 as of this morning) and may not make the NCAA tournament.

With 20/20 hindsight, many commentators now say Smart made a dumb decision last year. I look at the situation differently. Marcus Smart’s decision to stay in school was neither right nor wrong in an absolute sense. What is absolutely right in 2014 is that Marcus Smart needs to stay at Oklahoma State for another year next year; he needs to work on his maturity and composure – not his on-court skills.

Back to Brad Dickson and the Winter Games:

“I thought I was watching four-man bobsled qualifying in Sochi; it turned out to be a carpool in Atlanta.”

Another college basketball item that may have slipped by your attention was that Grambling beat Alcorn State 95-80 about a week ago. That victory broke a 45-game losing streak for the Tigers against Division 1 competition. Grambling’s record for the season is 2-19 as of this morning with that other win coming over Central Baptist College back in December. Grambling was 0-28 last year; its last win over a Division 1 school came in the final contest of the 2011/12 season when they beat Alabama A&M in OT.

Brad Dickson put this item in his column in the Omaha World-Herald recently:

“My national pride is surging after the U.S. swept the slopestyle, whatever that is.”

The AP had a report about a week ago that Tiger Woods was playing in a charity skins game in New Delhi with a partner where he hit 10 birdies in a round but he and his partner did not win the skins game. Sounds awful – until you read the “rest of the story”. This was a charity event and Tiger Woods was there as the guest and playing partner of the Chairman of Hero Motors, the largest manufacturer of motor scooters/mopeds in India. For his appearance and participation in this round of golf, Tiger Woods received $2M. From an outsider’s perspective, his receipt of $2M for showing up and playing a round of golf hardly makes him a “loser” in this event…

Once again, here is Brad Dickson:

“One new event at the Winter Olympics is the team short dance. Or, as true red-blooded Americans sports fans call it, the ‘not-short-enough dance.’ ”

Gregg Drinnan’s column, Keeping Score, lives on despite the demise of the Kamloops Daily News. You can check it out on weekends by following the link over to the left under “Columnists I Read”. Here is something he had in his column last weekend.

“In case you don’t know much about the International Olympic Committee, here’s Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports with an explainer: ‘For the uninitiated, the IOC is about the most pointless, pretentious and, alas, profitable organization on earth. Take all the worst tendencies of the NCAA, add the most corrupt parts of governmental graft, add a healthy dose of Kardashian-level arrogance, quadruple everything and you get a fraction of this organization.’ ”

I doubt that statement leaves you with much ambiguity as to how he feels about the IOC…

Finally, here is Brad Dickson on Nebraska football and not on the Winter Games:

“Husker football season is over. This means Nebraskans can move on with their lives. Right after we hold the ticker tape parade in honor of Ameer Abdullah returning for his senior season.

Abdullah issued a six-paragraph statement explaining his decision. I think just finding an athlete who doesn’t communicate via 11-character tweets should be worth a couple of Heisman votes.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Doug  On February 19, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I question the goals of a charity event that pays $2 million to golfer to play a round of golf.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On February 19, 2014 at 10:27 am


      Then there is that too…

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