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Recently, the Oakland Raiders acquired Matt Flynn and traded away Carson Palmer leading to the supposition that they would go with Flynn as their quarterback in 2013. Nevertheless, that move left open the job of back-up QB because the only other guys on the depth chart at the time of the trades were Terrelle Pryor and Matt Leinart. The only thing you can really say about Pryor is that he is “untested”; the best thing you can say about Leinart is that he does not trip over his shoelaces. So, the Raiders have been working out/auditioning free agents to come to camp and compete for that back-up slot. PFT.com reported that the Raiders had Vince Young in for a workout followed by Troy Smith and then Seneca Wallace. I can imagine Raiders’ GM, Reggie McKenzie looking over a list of potential back-up QB candidates that reads:


After pondering that list for a while, he might pick up the phone, call in the personnel intern, and tell him:

    “Find out if John Huarte is still alive.”

By the way, you too can have a job in the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings have a job opening as their Mascot Coordinator. That is corporate-speak for wearing the costume of Viktor the Viking and performing as such. In addition to getting sideline access to all home games, Viktor makes appearances at community events and special events as determined by the team – possibly to include the birthday parties of children of people who inhabit mahogany row for the Vikings organization. The Mascot Coordinator is also expected to “maintain the mascot costume, props and vehicles.”

Before you ask, I do not know if Viktor the Viking has a longboat that sails up and down the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities area so I do not know if that is the “vehicle” that needs maintenance…

The WNBA Draft happened earlier this week. So, before I forget, how did you do in your WNBA Draft pool at the office? I started out strong predicting that Brittney Griner would go first but then my selection predictions fell apart after that…

Faith Hill tweeted that she will no longer be doing the introductory song for Sunday Night Football on NBC. She has done that number for 6 years and NBC made no announcement regarding the change or who might take over the gig. Frankly, that is a much better job opening than the one for Viktor the Viking. However, it does require significantly more talent than does the one for Viktor the Viking.

The University of Oregon has admitted to some major recruiting violations with regard to its football program and has suggested to the NCAA that it take a 2-year probation (no bowl appearances) and a reduction of scholarships as its penalty. [Aside: I wonder if this is the reason Chip Kelly changed his mind and signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles back in January.] If history is any guide here, the NCAA will take that suggestion by Oregon and its Committee on Infractions will then up the ante in some way. Here is a key element that I would include in any punishment for the University of Oregon:

    A permanent ban on wearing Day-Glo uniforms in any sport.

The Toronto Blue Jays will have to do without shortstop José Reyes for 3-4 months with a severely sprained ankle. The most optimistic timeline that I read regarding his return was “right around the All-Star Game”. Meanwhile, the Jays will fill the shortstop position with Maicer Izturis and Munenori Kawasaki. Reyes was a Rookie of the Year and a four time All Star in his career; he has a career batting average of .297.

    Izturis has been in the major leagues since 2004. He has a career batting average of .272 but is a step down defensively from Reyes in the field.

    Kawasaki is 32 years old and came to MLB from Japan last year. He hit .195 with Mariners in 2012 but is solid defensively.

The Jays’ season has not started the way many expected it would. They sit 2 games under .500 as of this morning

Another American League team whose season has not started nearly as well as expected is the Los Angeles Angels. As of this morning, the Angels record is the same as the Houston Astros record at 4-11. Prior to the season, one of the questions I posed was whether the Astros could avoid losing 100 games this year. I doubt anyone thought then – or thinks now – that the Angels will lose 100 games this year.

Dwight Perry had an interesting item in the Seattle Times recently regarding the Zach Greinke/Carlos Quintin dust-up:

“Not that there’s bad blood with the Padres over Zack Greinke’s broken collarbone or anything, but when is Carlos Quentin Bull’s-Eye Jersey Night at Dodger Stadium?

“Bonus points if it’s sponsored by Target.”

Finally, here is a cogent observation from Brad Rock in the Deseret News:

“Last week, the Salt Lake Bees sponsored Ugly Sweater Night at Spring Mobile Park.

“Which raises the question: With Rick Majerus’ sweater hanging in the Huntsman Center, isn’t every night Ugly Sweater Night up there?”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Kurt Weber  On April 17, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Thanks again for all the good work you do in your labor of love. It never fails to do one of several things — (a) provide knowledge that I may have missed, (b) cause me to look at things a little differently, and/or (c) laugh out loud. Cheers, and best regards.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On April 17, 2013 at 7:24 pm

      Kurt Weber:

      Thank you indeed for those generous and kind remarks. On the days where I make you laugh and/or look at issues a little differently than you had looked at them before – regardless of whether or not you alter the way you view things – I figure that is a good day on this end of the communication channel.

      Thank you again for reading and for those supportive words.

      • Rich  On April 17, 2013 at 10:48 pm

        I don’t always appreciate curt remarks, but I agree with Mr. Weber. Hard to focus on sports when events such as the Boston Marathon occur, but I still have to check in on the Sports Curmudgeon.

        • The Sports Curmudgeon  On April 17, 2013 at 11:12 pm


          Thanx for checking in and for commenting. I appreciate it.

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