Monthly Archives: February 2013

On Hiatus

I will not have routine access to the computer or the Internet next week. I will likely be back on the air on 5 March or 6 March. Please check back then. Stay well, everyone.

Special Weekend Edition…

Yes, I know today is Sunday. No, I am not considering routine weekend editions of these rants. The reason for writing today is simple: I will be away for about a week and will have limited access to a computer and the Internet so there will be quietude coming out of Curmudgeon Central. There are […]

I Cannot Tell A Lie…

George Washington was born on this date 281 years ago. Although historians agree that the story of his chopping down a cherry tree and confessing to that deed because he could not tell a lie is apocryphal, that mythology provides me with a thread for some of today’s items. Therefore, I prefer to believe for […]

RIP Dr. Jerry Buss

Unlike the previous two offerings here, today’s rant will not respond to any requests – for a very simple reason. I do not have any requests to respond to – other than the usual ones that tend to go like this: Hey, you old coot; how about packing it in and stop polluting the Internet […]

The NCAA Coming Apart At The Seams

When I was a kid, radio DJs would take calls and play requested songs. The accompanying patter would be something like this: “This moldy oldie goes out to Sally, Harry, TJ and all the junior class at Beaglebreath High…” I do not intend to turn these rants into a “request line” despite the fact that […]

Lowering The Temperature Today…

Since a reader thought yesterday’s weather was a bit too nippy to be “talkin’ baseball”, I will try to focus today’s rant on a sport that we normally associate with colder weather. And, I shall begin that process by sharing this Super Bowl observation made by Dwight Perry in the Seattle Times: “O.J. Simpson held […]

Talkin’ Baseball…

It is that time of the year when it is appropriate to be “talkin’ baseball” and so I shall today. When last I wrote about the Biogenesis Saga, I said that Ryan Braun was in a category of players named who had already failed a drug test – and then avoided suspension based on a […]

Vince Young’s Bankruptcy Revisited

Vince Young’s bankruptcy proceedings are moving along and the latest precinct to report in is Ronnie Peoples, the former financial advisor to Vince Young. ESPN reported earlier this week that Peoples said in a deposition that he indeed arranged a “high interest seven-figure loan” for Young during the NFL lockout 2 years ago. The new […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone. For those of you who did not have to study Lives of the Saints whilst growing up, let me assure you that St. Valentine was not the patron saint of chocolate. Today marks the death of St. Valentine in 270 AD. Purely by chance, both Oregon and Arizona became […]

The IOC Strikes Again…

The International Olympic Committee is going to drop wrestling as a sport after the 2016 Games. Because the Olympics continue to add sports and put on demonstration sports as competitions, the folks who run the games do need to keep the total number of competitions under control. Recall that softball for women was dropped in […]