Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Saints Go Marching On…

About a week ago when Sean Payton returned to the Saints as the head coach, the first thing he did was to fire defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo. The Saints’ defense was a mess last year to be sure; however, I wonder how much of that was “coaching” and how much of that was due to […]

College Basketball…

I want to talk about college basketball today and I want to tell you how I got to the point of focusing on that topic. Last weekend, Eastern Michigan beat Northern Illinois by a score of 42-25. Scoring is down in college basketball again this year but that score looked like the score of a […]

Just Drifting Around Today…

Sometime soon, Dr. Phil will conduct a televised interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the alleged mastermind behind the Manti Te’o hoax. I will not go out of my way to watch this event live on TV because all of its salient parts will be reported in excruciating detail and “replays” will be available in at least […]

Ho-Hum The Pro Bowl Ho-Hum

I watched only a small portion of the Pro Bowl yesterday. I saw two things that made it clear that the Pro Bowl is not a serious competition any more than the WWE Royal Rumble (also held last Sunday) is a serious competition. I saw a pass directed toward JJ Watt who had lined up […]

The NCAA Sinks To A New Low…

Any reader who has been along for the ride here over any significant length of time knows that I do not hold the NCAA in high esteem. I recall writing once that because the NCAA stages March Madness – the single best sports extravaganza of the year – the NCAA is a necessary evil. Within […]

Two Quarterbacks…

According to a report on Yahoo! Sports, JaMarcus Russell is serious about making a comeback to the NFL. How do we know that he is serious? His weight is down to 308 lbs and he is working out at the TEST Football Academy in Florida. Yes, you read that correctly, his weight is down to […]

A Victory For Cream Cheese

Sometimes you just have to take your small victories and hope they accumulate into larger ones. In the past, the NCAA rule for colleges in terms of the meals they could provide for athletes allowed schools to provide unlimited amounts of fruit, nuts and bagels for players. However, schools could not provide free cream cheese […]

Has College Football Peaked?

There is a report on this morning by Dennis Dodd posing the question: Has college football peaked? I certainly hope not but clearly, the sport cannot continue hope to grow at the rate that it has grown over the past decade. The report cites several “issues” facing college football. One of them is that […]

RIP Earl Weaver And Stan Musial

Last Friday was a bleak day for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Earl Weaver and Stan Musial both died last Friday. One did not have to be an Orioles’ fan to realize that Weaver was an outstanding baseball manager. Stan Musial may just be the most underrated player in the Hall of Fame. Rest in […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend Of 1/20/13

Let me review last week’s Mythical Picks before moving on: I liked Ravens/Broncos Under 46.5. Game was Over in 3rd Q. Boo! I liked Packers +3 against Niners. Not even close… Boo! I liked Seahawks +3 against Falcons. Falcons won by only 2. Yes! I liked Texans +10 against Pats. Pats won by 13. Boo! […]