Monthly Archives: October 2012

On Hiatus

I will be off the air for a while. This weekend, my long-suffering wife and I will host an annual event that takes place at our weekend house in Central Pennsylvania and involves the launching of home-constructed model rockets. Early next week my long-suffering wife and I will hop on an airplane to go to […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 10/28/12

First, we need to review last week’s selections: I liked Seattle +7.5 against SF. Seattle covered by half a point. Yes! I liked Washington/Giants Over 49.5. The game went Over. Yes! I liked Washington +6. Washington lost but covered. Double Yes! I liked Arizona/Minnesota Under 40. The game was Under. Yes! I liked Dallas -1 […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend Of 10/27/12

Let us take a look at how last week’s picks turned out: I liked Oregon -10 over Ariz. St. Oregon covered easily. Mmm! I liked Syracuse -4.5 over UConn. Syracuse covered easily. Mmm! I liked Syracuse/UConn Over 43. The game went Over. Mmm! Parlay! I liked Ok St. -14 over Iowa St. The Cowboys covered. […]

Not Since The Banishment From The Garden Of Eden…?

I ran across this item in a Scott Ostler column in the SF Chronicle that I put on my clipboard for future use. “Eerie coincidence last Sunday. Sports spotlight on Madison Bumgarner and Felix Baumgartner. Felix parachuted to earth from 24 miles up, hitting 834 mph on his way down. Madison fell to earth also, […]

Dealing With Grief

The Kubler-Ross model for dealing with grief identifies five stages one goes through. The first of those is denial; then comes anger followed by bargaining, depression and acceptance. When the Washington Nationals season “died” in that magnificent meltdown against the Cardinals almost two weeks ago, there had to have been some grief in the clubhouse […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 10/21/12

Last week was a good week of Mythical Picking so let me get to it right away: I liked the Falcons -9 over the Raiders. Falcons won by 3. Boo! I liked Chiefs/Bucs Over 40. The game went Over. Yes! I liked Jets -3 over Colts. Jets covered easily. Yes! I liked Browns +2 against […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA Weekend Of 10/20/12

So, how did last week’s Mythical Picks fare…? I liked Colorado +23 against Ariz. St. Colorado lost by 34. Blech! I liked K-State -6.5 over Iowa State. Kansas State won by only 6. Blech! I liked Texas +3 against Oklahoma. Texas lost by 42 points. Blech! I liked Wisconsin/Purdue Under 51. Total was 52. Blech! […]

Baseball Playoff Observations

In watching the first two games of the ALCS in Yankee Stadium, I saw way more empty seats than I am used to seeing there for big games. In the regular season, it is commonplace for there to be empty seats in the “lower bowl” where prices are astronomical; I understand that the pricing structure […]

Bad Things Happen In Threes…

There is an old adage that bad things happen in threes. I have no idea if there is any folklore basis for that adage; but in the last month, we have witnessed three monumental chokings in the world of sports. Three times one side appeared to have an insurmountable advantage in a contest only to […]

Rest In Peace, Beano Cook

Last week, Beano Cook passed away at age 81. Cook was “Mr. College Football” back in a time when college football did not have nearly the national aura and exposure that it enjoys today. He was a Sports Information Director, a PR guy, a television broadcaster and an incisive wit. Dwight Perry had this item […]