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Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 9/30/12

First, a review of last week’s Mythical Picks: I liked Tampa/Dallas Over 46. Not even close. Boo! I liked Chicago – 7 over St. Louis. The Bears covered. Yes! I liked SF- 7 over Minny. The Vikings won outright. Boo! I liked Detroit – 3.5 at Tennessee. The Titans won in OT. Boo! I liked […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 9/29/12

Let me review last week’s selections: I liked Boise St./BYU Under 49. The game was Under by 5 TDs. Mmm! I liked Baylor/La-Monroe Over 68.5. It went Over by 3 TDs. Mmm! I liked TCU – 17 over UVa. TCU covered. Mmm! I liked Army +7 against Wake Forest. Army lost by 12. Blech! I […]

Coaching Highs And Coaching Lows

In the Roman Catholic Church, the process of canonization – the means by which a person is made a Saint – requires evidence that two miracles had to have been performed in his/her name after his/her death. To be sure, there are other steps in that process, but that one is a large part of […]

Pre-Playoff Baseball Stuff Today

With MLB’s regular season coming to a close, the first consequence of the added wild card team for the playoffs has been very positive. That added playoff slot has maintained a level of relevance for multiple dozens of games that would have been virtually meaningless without that second wild card team in each league. As […]

Enough Is Enough…

Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism contains the famous line: “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Let me get one thing out of the way immediately. I am human; I make errors; I try to own up to my mistakes. However, I am not divine and there are some things I just cannot forgive. The […]

Bankruptcy And Lockouts

Last week I mentioned that Vince Young was broke and could not pay back a loan that he had taken out during the NFL lockout a year ago. The overarching numbers in that case were surprising because it seems as if Young had somehow gotten rid of at least $26M since 2006 when he was […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 9/23/12

So, how did last week’s Mythical Picks turn out? I liked the Bucs +7.5 against the Giants. Giants won by only 7. Yes! I liked Saints/Panthers Over 50.5. The game went well Over. Yes! I liked the Pats – 13.5 over the Cards. The Pats lost the game. Boo! I liked the Colts +1.5 against […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 9/22/12

Let me review last week’s selections: I liked Rutgers/USF Under 46. The game was Under 40. Mmm! I liked Wash. St – 8.5 over UNLV. Wash St. won by 7. Blech! I liked Wash St/UNLV Over 54. The game went Over 60. Mmm! I liked Ohio State – 16 over Cal. Ohio State won by […]

RIP, Steve Sabol

Steve Sabol died this week at the age of 69 from brain cancer. Steve Sabol and his father, Ed, founded NFL Films and their genius and doggedness turned a basement operation into major sporting enterprise. Anyone who reported on the growth of NFL Films or on the way the company became a national institution concluded […]

Business, Baseball And Bad Water

Just to demonstrate that I do read things besides the sports page, I ran across an item in BloombergBusinessweek about the Big East Conference. The new interim commissioner of the Big East, Joe Bailey, announced that the conference was looking to “tweak” its name. You can read it here. Bailey must have stayed awake in […]