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Off The Air For A While

My long-suffering wife and I are off to the northwestern part of England this evening for a two-week adventure on a “narrow boat”. We will pilot our boat along a small part of the extensive English canal system using the boat as our “hotel” and as our “mode of transport”. I will probably be back […]

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff today…

It could not have been an hour after I posted yesterday’s rant, which began by mentioning Felix Hernandez’ perfect game, that I got an e-mail from my baseball historian friend regarding perfect games in MLB. Here are some historical notes about perfect games from his note to me. I have not bothered to “fact-check” them […]

Felix Hernandez Lights Up A Perfecto

Felix Hernandez’ workday yesterday involved 113 pitches to an assortment of batters sent to the plate by the Tampa Bay Rays. None of that assortment of batters made it safely to first base; Hernandez threw a perfect game for the Mariners, the first in the history of that franchise. Back when Hernandez was a rookie […]

Two NFL Divas Who Might Want To Analyze Their Behavior

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Dolphins’ cutting ties with Chad Johnson might be a signal to other potential NFL miscreants that they had better be close to indispensable to their teams if they are going to act like anti-social a$$holes. That warning should apply to every player at every position but there seems to be […]

Taking A Challenge – – Or Taking The Bait?

I have a friend – – of the female persuasion – – whose daughter played high school soccer and who now plays for her college soccer team. I have never seen the daughter play, but since she is not on an athletic scholarship, my guess is that she is not the next Abby Wambach. But, […]

College Football Preview

If these rants were “great literature”, a student would call this next thing a foreshadowing. Since these rants are anything but “deathless prose”, what follows is an announcement of things to come. Yes, I will be doing Mythical Picks for college and NFL games again this year. However, glancing at the travel and the social […]

Recommended Reading

Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a great column about voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame and why statistics are only part of the calculus. Definitely worth reading…

All’s Quiet On The Dwight Howard Front?

There are reports everywhere that Dwight Howard will not be in Orlando next year. For sports fans, the most important aspect of the deal that sends him anywhere is that they will not have to listen to stories about him changing his mind about what he wants to do and what he does not want […]

Filing Suit Against New Jersey…

A while ago, I mentioned here that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey planned to implement sports betting in New Jersey despite the presence of a Federal law – – PASPA – – that forbids sports betting in all but the four states that had sports betting as a legal activity prior to the passage […]

Olympic Advertising…

Regular readers know that at the end of every year, I do a rant on the Bad Ads that one must endure if one watches a lot of sports on TV. Not to worry, I have no intention to increase the frequency of those rants. However, the ads by Chevrolet on the Olympics need commentary […]