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Prior to last night’s win by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Greg Cote had this stat in a sidebar to his Sunday column in the Miami Herald:

    Since 1947, the NBA Finals have been tied 1-1 after two games in 34 Final Series.

    In those 34 Finals, the team that won Game 3 went on to win the Finals 29 times. (85% of the time)

Ergo, you would have to say that the Heat are in a statistically advantageous place this morning. However, demonstrating that every silver lining has a cloud around it, consider:

    The last time a team won Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead in the Finals and then lost the Finals was just last year when the Heat went on to lose three straight to the Dallas Mavericks.

In another example of how life takes strange twists and turns, consider two events in the life of Pacman Jones in the last 10 days:

    1. The NFL had Pacman as one of the “lecturers” to the NFL draftees and free agents in the “rookie seminar”. This is an attempt by the league and the players union to make new players aware of the opportunities and the dangers of their newfound celebrity status. Presumably, Pacman’s message was along the lines of “do-not-do-what-I-did.”

    2. A court handed down ruling in a civil action ordering Pacman to pay about $11M to two victims of the shooting spree that ensued after Pacman “made it rain” at a Las Vegas strip club.

Since the NFL is holding its Rookie Orientation Seminar – - or whatever they are calling it these days – -, that can only mean that the scheduled June mini-camps for the teams are over. Bob Molinaro of the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot had a truly insightful analysis of the way things are in the NFL at this time of year:

“Remarkable: Another round of NFL mini-camps is complete and to no one’s surprise, each and every team couldn’t be happier by what they’ve seen of themselves. Everybody’s a winner in June.”

I received an e-mail from a reader containing this information:

“Madden 2013 will be released in August with lots of new game features … You probably are not a gamer … and the new Madden will have this year a simulated in-game Twitter from Skip Bayless. You might have some comment to make about that.”

The reader is correct on both points here:

    1. I do not play video games and have never played any of the Madden games. Moreover, I have never been even remotely tempted to purchase a copy of that game to give to someone else.

    2. Regarding a simulated Twitter feed from Skip Bayless, my comment is that feature is sufficiently demonic that I could be convinced someone in “Creative” at EA Sports is truly the spawn of Satan.

I read a report that someone might be preparing to make an offer to buy the Buffalo Bills. If someone has that kind of money, he/she also has a level of business acumen that goes beyond mine and a new owner of that franchise might be looking lustfully at the idea of playing in Los Angeles as opposed to Buffalo. Ralph Wilson is one of the founding owners of the old AFL – - I believe only three are still living – - and he will turn 94 in the middle of this NFL season. His age is the only reason for me to believe that the Bills might be for sale at any price.

However, if someone was to buy the Bills and had to keep them in Buffalo – - at least for a decent interval until moving somewhere else – -, here is an idea that will prove my lack of marketing/promotional expertise:

    A. Change the name of the team to the Buffalo Bobs.

    B. Make the team mascot a red-headed freckle-faced marionette.

    C. Call the dance team members the Princesses Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring.

    D. Designate the end-zone seats as the Peanut Gallery. Serve “Peanut-coladas” to those fans to get them lathered up.

    E. Instead of dumping Gatorade on the coach when the team wins, have players shower him from seltzer bottles.

I have a feeling that plan will happen just about the same time that President George W. Bush wins the Demosthenes Award for Oratory and President William J. Clinton wins the Chastity Bono Award for – - chastity.

Finally, here is a note from Brad Rock in the Deseret News:

“Awaiting completion of a new athletics facility, the University of Utah football team is temporarily operating out of a complex of 26 trailers.

“Sources say the Utes actually got the feel of trailer park life after losing their first four Pac-12 games last year.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Brian  On June 18, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    “Trailer park life”…vely funny, Doctor Jones!

  • Tenacious P  On June 18, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Everybody wins in June. Don’t forget that the pads are off, the QB wears a stupid orange jersey, and the defense has one hand tied behind their back.

    If that is not bad enough, then we have to drag ourselelves through the pre-season. They should extend that to more games. It is really exciting.

    • The Sports Curmudgeon  On June 19, 2012 at 8:32 am


      I’m surprised you did not close your comment with:

        “But don’t get me wrong, I love NFL football………”

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