Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sports Preparations In Brazil…

The FIFA World Cup will happen in Brazil in 2014. There can be no question that there is an intense local interest in Brazilian participation in the World Cup tournament and the only time in the past when the games were in Brazil was back in 1950. The World Cup was not as big a […]

A Little Of This And A Little Of That…

As of this morning, the Pittsburgh Pirates are 4 games over .500 and are only 2 games behind the Reds in the NL Central. The Pirates have teased their fans before, threatening to have a winning season only to fold like a beach chair late in the year. Perhaps that will happen again in 2012; […]

College Football Playoff Coming In 2014

A report this morning on says that the university presidents have approved a 4-team college football playoff system to be implemented in 2014. I have been waiting to see if that recommendation to the presidents would be approved to comment on the new system. A reader who lives in the San Diego area sent […]

NBA Draft Comments…

The NBA Draft comes up later this week and because several players opted to stay in school last year with the threat of a prolonged NBA work stoppage staring them in the face, this is a deeper draft than normal. Anthony Davis is going to be the first pick by the Hornets. The Bobcats draft […]

May It Please The Court…

I found a link to an article on this topic on which is a Canadian sports site with a wide range of stuff. According to this link, a woman in New Jersey has filed suit against a 13-year old boy who – – as an 11-year old Little League baseball player – – hit […]

Let’s Count to Ten…

When I used to watch Sesame Street with my kids when they were young, they would often play a game where the song that accompanied the picture on the screen was: “Three of these things go together Three of these things are kind of the same One of these things just doesn’t belong here Now […]

Ambush-Interview Opportunity Announcement

I am not much of a fan of ambush-interviews but an enterprising reporter might just make a name for himself/herself late tonight. Recall after “The Decision” that Cavaliers’ owner, Dan Gilbert said the Cavaliers would win an NBA Championship before LeBron James won one. James and the Miami Heat can win one tonight and that […]

Attendance Issues

The New York Yankees continue to have “attendance issues”. Attendance for home games this year as of June 18 shows the Yankees averaging 41,606 fans per game. That looks really good until you look a bit closer and see that attendance is down 1575 fans per game as compared to last season. Moreover, the Yankees’ […]

The Cubs Have A Curse; Do They Need An Omen?

Cubs’ fans are a sub-species all to themselves. Given the certainty that they will not win the World Series this year, the Chicago Cubs will have gone 104 years without a championship. The fans there need to console themselves by finding a way to attribute “blame” for this singular lack of success to something outside […]

Random Musings Today

Prior to last night’s win by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Greg Cote had this stat in a sidebar to his Sunday column in the Miami Herald: Since 1947, the NBA Finals have been tied 1-1 after two games in 34 Final Series. In those 34 Finals, the team that won Game 3 […]