Monthly Archives: May 2012

Yet More T.O. Melodrama

When last we checked, Terrell Owens was playing wide receiver for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League and his contract called for him to get paid “six-figures” for the year and granted him an ownership share of the team. That is not the same as signing a “nine-figure deal” and getting a stake […]

Recommended Reading

Here is a link to a recent column by Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle. The headline is: How To Rule The World – – With More Rules Here is a taste of some of Professor Ostler’s proposed new rules: 1. If you apologize via Twitter, you must apologize for that apology. 2. In […]

Going Home…

In Thomas Wolfe’s novel, You Can’t Go Home Again, the protagonist is ostracized by the folks in his small hometown because they do not like the way the protagonist portrayed them in a best-selling novel. Hence, the title of Wolfe’s work and the common usage of the phrase to mean you can never go back […]

On Two Different Sports Today…

Just because a sport is not “a big deal” here in the US does not mean that there are no interesting happenings in those sports. Try to start a conversation about cricket in a US sports bar and … well, all you are likely to hear are crickets. However, in other parts of the world […]

Lotsa “Stuff” Today…

A couple of weeks ago, Bob Connolly’s weekly column in the Bronx Times Reporter recalled for me a classic line by Jim Murray of the LA Times regarding the Indy 500: “Gentlemen, start your coffins…” The Indy 500 is not nearly the event that it was years ago; but thankfully, yesterday’s race did not involve […]

On Hiatus…

I will be off the air for the rest of the week. I am flying to Seattle today to visit a old and dear friend with whom I shall attend three Seattle Mariners’ baseball games. If history is maintained, the Mariners will do well this week. Since 2002 when we started this annual tradition, I […]

Triple Crown Possibility Still Alive

I’ll Have Another won the Preakness on Saturday meaning that horseracing will have three weeks of positive attention in the sporting realm because the possibility of the first Triple Crown winner since 1978 still exists. It has been 34 years since Affirmed was the last Triple Crown winner. The moribund sport of horseracing needs this […]

Back To Basics – Fradulent Academics Uncovered

With all of the turmoil in college sports regarding the movement of teams from one conference to another, maybe it is a good thing to see that one school is having “old-time problems”. The University of North Carolina football program – one that has undergone more than enough NCAA scrutiny in the past 18 months […]

Musical Chairs – – Collegiate Conference Style

The money-driven realignment of NCAA conferences marches on. The Big East will add Navy, Memphis and Temple – – a school the Big East threw out of the conference just a few years ago because no one ever attended Temple football games. TCU “joined the conference” but then left before playing any games in the […]

The USFL Is Back?

According to reports, the United States Football League (USFL) will reincarnate itself starting in 2013 and it seems as if it will be going back to its roots. This iteration of the USFL will specifically seek to avoid competing directly with the NFL in the following important ways: The USFL schedule will consist of 14 […]