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Two Football Events…

Two recent events in the world of football should be sources of happiness to football fans. Those same two events may – on the surface – seem to make the job of sportswriters and columnists more difficult, but that is really not the case. Consider the first of these two events – the completion of […]

Shooting Yourself In The Foot…

Last year, the LA Dodgers saw a significant decline in attendance. Many in the LA media explained that decline as the fans expressing their displeasure with the McCourts’ ownership of the team and with the way the McCourts used the Dodgers as an ATM to live a pair of outrageous lifestyles. About six weeks ago […]

Roger Clemens And Mickey Loomis Today…

Before I get to the meat of today’s rant, I have to pose these questions to all of you as the re-trial of Roger Clemens begins to unfold. Clemens is on trial because he allegedly lied to Congress under oath. HOW-EVAH … Congress lies to the people virtually every time a Congressthing/Senator moves his/her lips […]

A Parents Code Of Conduct For Youth Sports

Thanks to my sister-in-law, I have in my possession a “Sport Parent Code of Conduct” which has been implemented by one of the Little Leagues in her area of the world. The parents of the kids need to read and sign this document agreeing to abide by its terms and conditions or risk being “… […]

Ultimate Tak Ball

I was having a discussion with a friend about the trend toward increasing violence and mayhem in sports. In the NFL, we see that in addition to the prevalent headshots that lead to concussions galore on the field, at least one team was paying out bonuses to defensive players who could knock specific opponents out […]

Leading Up To The NFL Draft 2012

For new readers who may have only discovered these rants in the past year, let me do a reset regarding this annual feature. I like college football; therefore, I watch a lot of college football on TV. While watching, I try to keep a notepad nearby to make notes about players that I see who […]

Happy Birthday, Fenway Park

Fenway Park is now 100 years old. Happy birthday to Fenway Park. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are the two grand dames of baseball venues. Fenway is clearly not a modern stadium with modern amenities; but it has charm, grace and a cadre of hugely loyal fans in addition to history. Wrigley Field is a […]

Strange Doings Today…

April 19th is not a happy day in American history. This is the date on which the siege of the Branch Davidians came to a fiery end. This is the date on which Timothy McVeigh bombed the Federal office building in Oklahoma City. This is the date on which an explosion on the USS Iowa […]

BAD NBA Basketball…

On Monday night earlier this week, one of the most meaningless NBA games in forever took place in Charlotte, NC. The Bobcats – – an epically atrocious team – – hosted the New Orleans Hornets – – a merely terrible team. With only a handful of games left in this abbreviated NBA season, you could […]

It’s Tax Time Again…

Thanks to the fact that April 15 was a Sunday this year and that April 16 is an official holiday in the District of Columbia, today is the day by which your taxes need to be filed for 2011. That means that tonite you will be able to see which reporter on your local TV […]