I Just Don’t Understand This…

I can understand why the Washington Redskins gave up a ton of draft picks to move up four slots in the draft so that they can draft either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III – - depending on which one of them the Indy Colts take with the first pick. The Redskins’ quarterback situation has managed to work its way up to mediocre for the last ten years; the last time they had a real “franchise quarterback” was when Sonny Jurgensen was under center and the last time they drafted a “franchise quarterback” it was 1937 and his name was Sammy Baugh.

I can understand why the Niners wanted Peyton Manning. They came to within a muffed punt and a fumbled kick return of making the Super Bowl last year with Alex Smith at the helm. A healthy Peyton Manning would be an upgrade at the most important position on the team.

I can understand why the Broncos wanted Peyton Manning. Like the Niners, they made the playoffs last year with a quarterback who is not the equal of a healthy Peyton Manning.

I can understand why the Cardinals wanted Peyton Manning. They have an “All-World” wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and a healthy Peyton Manning would also give them an “All-World” quarterback to throw the ball to him.

Here is what I just do not understand:

    After a disappointing season in 2011 – - at least some of it attributable to less-than-wonderful quarterbacking – - the NY Jets wanted Peyton Manning but he brushed them off. So, the Jets then turned around and gave and extension to Mark Sanchez who some Jets’ players had grumbled was not held accountable for his on-field failures and was given things he did not earn. Hmmm…

    Then, the Jets traded to acquire Tim Tebow thereby creating an instant quarterback controversy in a city where a significant fraction of the fanbase prefers a quarterback controversy to a 15% raise in take home pay.

    I am sure at least some of this makes sense to the folks in the Jets’ organization whose offices are on “Mahogany Row”. Mazel tov

Here is a Quick Quiz:

    Who will generate more headlines completely unrelated to football this year?

      A. Tim Tebow

      B. Rex Ryan

    Fifty words or less…

Tebow is off to a lead over Ryan in that last contest because the Carnegie Deli in NYC announced that it is offering a Tim Tebow sandwich already. On white bread, – - of course – - the Tebow sandwich consists of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, American cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo. The sandwich costs $22.22 but it weighs in at 3.5 pounds. So, in order to catch up to Tim Tebow, what Rex Ryan needs to do is to go to the Carnegie Deli, order up a Tim Tebow sandwich and be the first one to chow it down in one sitting…

[Aside: If the Carnegie Deli ever decided to create a Rex Ryan sandwich, it would have to have pickled pigs’ feet as one of the ingredients, no?]

Moving to another place where sports fans can demonstrate gluttony, the Texas Rangers will offer a new gustatory option for folks who make their way to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. On the menu this year will be something called The Boomstick. This is a two-foot long hot dog served on a French baguette smothered in chili, cheese, onions and jalapeno peppers. I know that Texans like to do things big; so clearly, there must be some intent here for a fan to get into the Guinness Book of World Records after eating one of these bad boys for having the world’s largest recorded internal gas bubble.

Here are two recent observations from Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times that will allow you to catch up on the happenings in this little backwater of prep sports:

“Beginning this fall, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association will sanction bass fishing as a varsity sport.

“Angling was also a popular sport back at our old high school too, only we called it hooky.”

“South Carolina is the latest state angling to make bass fishing an interscholastic varsity sport.

“And you thought the football players embellished their high-school exploits at the 20-year reunion?”

Finally, here is a comment by Greg Cote in the Miami Herald that will give you a sense of the state of NHL hockey in Miami:

“Parting thought: Bill Clinton was in the crowd Thursday for the [Florida] Panthers game at the [NY] Rangers. It marked the first time a sitting or former U.S. president watched Florida play, unless you count the Panthers’ most recent playoff game, which was attended by Rutherford B. Hayes.

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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