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Some Of My New Favorites…

Everyone has favorite players. For most fans, a favorite player is one with prodigious skills; for some fans, a favorite player is the one who made the key play to win a championship for a favorite team; for others, a favorite player might be a gritty/hard-working guy who plays with passion. Now that I spend […]

The Women’s Basketball Tournament Is Happening Too

The NCAA is staging the women’s basketball tournament in parallel with March Madness. Let me summarize the happenings thus far: 64 teams started in 4 brackets. After 56 games, the 8 teams remaining for the regional finals were all of the #2 seeds and all of the #1 seeds in the 4 brackets. After 60 […]

College Basketball Coaches On The Move…

In addition to the tournament games, the NCAA basketball tournament is also about coaches on the move. Schools that did not make the tournament wait for smaller schools to be eliminated to hire a successful coach away or possibly for a major school to be eliminated so they can grab one of the assistant coaches […]

I Just Don’t Understand This…

I can understand why the Washington Redskins gave up a ton of draft picks to move up four slots in the draft so that they can draft either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III – – depending on which one of them the Indy Colts take with the first pick. The Redskins’ quarterback situation has […]

Getting To The Final Four

The Final Four this year has no interlopers or Cinderellas or pretenders. All four schools have a long successful history with regard to basketball. The four schools got here after a weekend of interesting basketball games; it always seems as if the 12 games that cut the field from 16 teams to 4 teams provide […]

Snitches And Whistleblowers

After yesterday’s rant regarding the punishment meted out against the New Orleans Saints and their coaching staff, I received an e-mail from a former colleague who has been reading these rants since the days prior to them hitting the Internet. Here is the text of his e-mail: “Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat gonna coach […]

Recommended Reading

Tim Tebow is now a member of the NY Jets. Scott Ostler’s column today in the SF Chronicle gives you all the background you will need to follow this saga as it unfolds. I commend the column to your reading…

Punishing The Saints…

The big news from yesterday had to be the punishment handed down from Roger Goodell to the New Orleans Saints for their “bounty program”. As the information came out, we saw once again that covering up the “crime” and lying about the “crime” only makes the ultimate outcome worse than it would have been. From […]

Spring Training “News”

Rather than pose this as a rhetorical question or frame it as a Quick Quiz, allow me to state this categorically: The world does not need 6 weeks of Spring Training. There was a time – – shortly after man began to walk upright and baseball had been invented – – when players did not […]

NFL Free Agency Doings

Sports fans should tip their hats to Peyton Manning for two things: 1. Making his decision on where he will play next year in about two weeks. Compare and contrast that situation with LeBron James, Dwight Howard and/or Brett Favre… 2. Announcing the decision himself without setting up a one-hour special on ESPN as a […]