Monthly Archives: February 2012

Off The Air For A While…

My long-suffering wife and I are going to Australia and New Zealand later today. We will spend 5 weeks there and will return on 10 March. Yes, I will be watching the Super Bowl at a sports bar in Sydney, Australia; kickoff is 10:30 AM on Monday there. I suspect that I will be recovered […]

Cleaning Off The Clipboard

There will be no rhyme or reason to the mixture of stuff today; I am cleaning up my clipboard a bit. Jim Tressel is going to the University of Akron – – not to take over the football coaching job there after the team won only 1 game last season – – but to take […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 2/5/12

Two weeks ago, the Mythical Picks for the Conference Championship games split evenly. I liked the Pats – 7 over the Ravens. The Pats won by only 3. Yuck! I liked the Giants +2.5 over the Niners. The Giants won outright. Yummy! That 1-1 split for the week brings the cumulative record for the season […]

Women’s Professional Soccer Suspending Operations

Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) has suspended operations for the 2012 season but says that the long-range plan is to play again in 2013. Here is a link to the press release that announces this suspension of operations. While the press release sounds as upbeat as is possible under the circumstances – – given the announcement […]