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The NY Jets Dysfunctionality Redux

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about “Deconstructing the NY Jets”. If you missed it – – and if you care enough- – , you can find it here. One of the things that I said then was that Rex Ryan may or may not have a firm grip on what was going on […]

Recommended Reading

Anyone who has read these rants for more than a little while has to realize that I enjoy reading Scott Ostler’s columns in the SF Chronicle and that I often use his wit and wisdom as a closing line. This morning, I finished reading a book he wrote called How To Cheat In Sports. It […]

Whither The Knicks…?

If you scan the headlines of the NYC tabloids on any given day, you can read that the Knicks’ coach, Mike D’Antoni, is on the outs with either his team or the owner. On alternate days, you can read that he has the support of his team but that no one can predict what the […]

Wampeters Foma And Granfalloons

This is the time of year when fans of those NFL teams that stunk out the joint in the previous season work themselves into a frothy lather over draft picks and which player in the draft is “the key” to making the playoffs next year. The fact is that most of those squads are far […]

Terrell Owens Is “Desperate For Cash”

There is a story by Nancy Hass in GQ about Terrell Owens. Ms. Hass may not be as widely known as some other sports writers, but she does have an entry in the 2011 edition of Best American Sports Writing. This story is worth reading in its entirety. Here are some of the salient points […]

The NFL Blackout Rule Under Review…

Yesterday, I mentioned that the NFL stadium experience – – and potentially future stadium attendance – – is coming up against competition from staying at home and watching the game on high-def and/or 3-D television. Then last evening, I ran across a report about a group called Sports Fan Coalition, which has managed to get […]

NFL Fans And NFL Twits

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is the busiest time of the year for the NFL PR Department. It is like that period of American History known as the “Era of Good Feelings” when there were no serious divisions among political parties and folks worked together and got along with each other. […]

RIP, Joe Paterno

The passing of Joe Paterno leaves the world of NCAA athletics in a poorer place today than it was last week. Until and unless there is credible evidence that he aided and abetted the alleged – – as of this moment – – sexual abuse of children by his former assistant coach, his legacy with […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend Of 1/22/12

Mythical Picks for the wild-card round of the playoffs two weekends ago were unimpressive to say the least. Mythical Picks last weekend in the divisional round of the playoffs were significantly better. Here is the recap: I liked the Niners +4 against the Saints. I said the Niners had a legitimate shot to win outright […]

The Triffecta Of The Trifling…

Sometimes when you go to the racetrack, you see a race where there are three standout horses and you choose to box them in the trifecta. If the three of them finish in the money, you win; the order of their finish does not matter; you have them boxed. Today, I want to talk about […]