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Meathead Of The Year – 2011

The headline here says it all. There are plenty of contenders for the disgrace of this label for 2011 but there can be only one Meathead of the Year (MOTY). Those who merit only a mention here and the lesser label of “Meathead” can take solace in the Biblical verse: “Many are called but few […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 1/1/12

After two less than sterling weeks of Mythical Picking, last week’s selections were ever so slightly in the “Mythically Profitable” category. Here is how things went last week: I liked the Dolphins + 11 against the Pats. The Pats won by only 3. Yummy! I liked the Pats/Dolphins Over 48. The game went Over by […]

The Year In Review – – 2011

As we sail through the 52nd week of 2011 and prepare ourselves for the arrival of 2012, many folks give thought as to ways in which they might become “better”. Some folks actually take those thoughts and turn them into actions. However, there are people who will not need to do any of that thinking […]

The NBA Is Underway

The truncated NBA season is underway. Much has been written about the fact that this season will be “shortened” and “reduced” and – – go to your thesaurus for a dozen more synonyms here – – but here is my reckoning: There are 30 teams in the NBA. Each will play 66 games. 2 teams […]

Must Read … The 2011 Trite Trophy

Last Sunday, Gene Collier awarded the 2011 “Trite Trophy” in his column in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I look forward to this column every year and the 2011 version was certainly not a disappointment. I had a few contenders for the award in mind but none of them made it to the short list for […]

Bad Ads 2011

Watching lots of sports on TV is not exactly a tough way to spend one’s time; I do not want to make myself out to be some kind of martyr. There is one downside to that way of life however; it is a real downside and it is annoying. Watching lots of sports on TV […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 12/24/11

Two weeks ago, I was not pleased to have to recount a bad week of Mythical Picks. Sadly, last week’s results were almost the same. Here are the sad results: I liked Dallas/Tampa Over 46.5. The total score was 46. Yuck! I liked the Bengals – 7 over the Rams. With a late Rams’ TD, […]

Head Football Coaches…

There are lots of folks out there who just do not like Bill Belichick to the point that some try to deny that he is even a good football coach. It is perfectly all right for someone to dislike Belichick; that is a personal reaction so it belongs entirely to an individual. I had a […]

Focus On Philly…

Surely, you have heard by now about the Todd O’Brien/Phil Martelli confrontation. In short, O’Brien played for Martelli at St. Joe’s and graduated last summer. He had a year of eligibility left and – – according to O’Brien – – was told by Martelli he was not part of St. Joe’s plans for this year. […]

Rating Some College Football Bowl Games

If you missed the three college football bowl games over the weekend, you really did not miss anything that might affect the landscape of that sport. Moreover, there are still 32 college bowl games left on the agenda so there are plenty more opportunities for you to see a bit more of the sport. As […]