Did You Watch The President’s Cup?

Well, I suppose everyone was riveted to their TV sets this weekend watching the President’s Cup. I know it was played far away and that all you could see were tape delays unless you were up at night with the owls and the vampires; but come on, this was the President’s Cup; everyone had to be focused like a laser beam on that. After all, they only contest the Ryder Cup every other year so what is a true sports fan to do in the “odd years”. Thank Heaven for the President’s Cup…

The first round of the President’s Cup was a concocted event where two players from each “team” play against each other in match play. In that round, Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker – - members of the US team in case you were not aware – - had a match that ended on the 12th hole. The reason everyone just walked off the course then was that Woods/Stricker found themselves seven holes behind and there were only six left to play. Ergo, everyone repaired to the bar – - so to speak.

How bad is that kind of beat-down? You may recall that two weeks ago, Oklahoma State beat Texas Tech 66-6 in a football game where the halftime score was 49-0. Well, if college football was as civilized as golf, the teams would have forgotten about the second half of that game and just stopped for the day.

The President’s Cup – - like the Ryder Cup every other year – - clearly serves to demonstrate the following:

    Golf is not a team sport.

Since I mentioned college football above, I may need to change my mind about something I have thought for several years now. I have always been against “replay games” for the BCS Championship Game and said so only a couple weeks ago right after LSU beat Alabama. However, given last weekend’s results where a large number of the best teams lost games outright or looked very ordinary in beating mediocre opponents, the best BCS Championship Game might indeed be a rematch between LSU and Alabama.

Of course the most exciting thing that could happen for this denizen of Curmudgeon Central would be for LSU to lose a game here leaving Houston as the only undefeated team in the country – - against a schedule that makes vulture vomit look appealing. That would set up the following tired arguments:

    Every team put in front of the Cougars went down to defeat; no other team can say that.

    Until they played SMU (weekend of 11/19) they had not played a team with a defense ranked in the top 50 in the country.

    Tastes great…

    Less filling …

I will have more to say about college football results and prospects later this week in Mythical Picks.

The NY Jets find themselves in a less-than-soft spot at the moment with regard to the AFC playoffs; losing two games in a row puts them among a group of teams that have to pass other teams in order to make it to the wild card slots. Jets’ fans have to be a tad nervous at the moment; but if they really want to get their stomach acid levels up, they might want to look at something that is trending in a bad direction.

When Rex Ryan was hired, he was the one bloviating about the Jets being the best team in the NFL and winning Super Bowls and all that stuff. Remember, he was the one who said he was not there to “kiss Belichick’s rings”. That was then; now, the players are talking about Super Bowls and kicking other teams around in addition to Rex Ryan’s weekly puffery. That is not nearly as good because the players have to back up that kind of talk on the field against other players who do not take kindly to such talk. Opponents can laugh at Rex Ryan and his braggadocio – - unless he makes it personal – - but they react differently when on-field opponents do a lot of talking.

Here is a Quick Quiz for Jets’ fans:

    Assume for a moment that the Jets finish the season with a 9-7 record – - or even 10-6 – - but they do not make the playoffs. Who is the focus of your wrath?

      Rex Ryan

      Mark Sanchez

    Now change the final season record to 7-9. Does the focus of your wrath change?

Gregg Drinnan posed this question in his column last weekend in the Kamloops Daily News. I had never thought of it, but I wonder what the answer is:

“Just wondering, but what does [Joey] Chestnut put beside Occupation on his income tax return? Eater? Consumer advocate?”

Yesterday, the Green Bay Packers beat the Tampa Bay Bucs 35-26. The headline in today’s Washington Post says:

“Green Bay is challenged but improves to 10-0”

Yes, the game was 28-26 in the fourth quarter so the outcome was still in doubt with 3 minutes to play. However, the implication of that headline may also reflect the fact that the Packers have now won 16 games in a row – - including playoffs and regular season games from last year – - and the closest of those wins was by six points. The Packers have not only been winning; they have been winning comfortably.

Finally, here is a note from Dwight Perry in the Seattle Times:

“A judge has thrown out former pro rassler Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit over Transportation Security Administration pat-downs at airports.

“Thus reaffirming TSA’s right to body-search for foreign objects.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Ed  On November 21, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Ryan will get the brunt as he is the public face, and Sanchez is likeable. However, the guy was a top-5 overall pick and has not been improving….. a mediocre-to-below QB. He should be getting more heat, but it is starting to come.

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On November 22, 2011 at 11:23 am


    Since I am no more a Jets fan than I am a Chiefs fan or a Titans fan, I can understand the wrath heading toward Ryan from Jets fans because of his public image/personna. However, also as a more neutral observer, I would say that the Jets are not a team whose talent took them to two straight AFC Championship Games. I think they over-achieved in both sets of playoffs the last two years and now it seems as if Ryan is being blamed for the team possibly not being in the position to over-achieve again.

    Just a view from “outside the window”…

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