Monthly Archives: October 2011

An Unkind Thought For The Day…

Since I know I am going to have something a smidgen unkind to say in a moment, I need to make certain that everyone here understands that only congratulations and respect go to the St. Louis Cardinals for their accomplishments this year. The fact that they made it to the NL playoffs in the first […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 10/30/11

This should be my last “short week” for doing Mythical Picks until Thanksgiving week – – and for that I guess I should give thanks even if it is a tad early. As per usual, let me start with a review from last week’s picks: I liked the Jets +1.5 against the Chargers. The Jets […]

More Contempt For Congress…

The US Congress is at it again. Forget all about the problems of the deficit, the flagging economy, Wall Street bailouts, overseas turmoil and other minor matters; the Congress has focused on sports once again. After calling in the NFL and the NFLPA for some “jawboning” over the issue of testing for HgH, things seemed […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 10/29/11

It is going to be another “early week” for Mythical Picks due to social commitments late this week. Presumably, our calendar will “open up” a bit after this weekend… Last weekend, the Linfield College Wildcats ran their season record to 6-0 with a comfortable 45-7 win over Pacific Lutheran. The Wildcats’ defense led the way […]

A Viet Nam War Flashback…

When I was in grad school, the Viet Nam War was going on. One of the many signs that protesters carried then was: What if they staged a war and no one showed up? There is something intellectually interesting contained in that question. However, it is much less interesting if you change one noun: What […]

Home From Las Vegas…

Today, the focus will be on observations from a total sports weekend in Las Vegas. As I mentioned last week, the venue for our annual trip is the sportsbook at The Mirage; I spent approximately 23 hours there over the weekend. Once when I returned from a trip, the woman who occupied the office next […]

David Stern vs. Bryant Gumbel

You just knew that there was insufficient drama and “news content” associated with the NBA lockout/negotiations when all you saw on TV for a week was David Stern and/or Derek Fisher entering an office building with somber looks on their faces. People get tired of that; someone out there needed to do something to spice […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 10/23/11

As I mentioned elsewhere, a selected few of these picks will evolve from “mythical status” to “reality” this weekend in Las Vegas. Therefore, let me begin today by employing a literary technique known as foreshadowing: I had better hope that I got all of the stupid picking out of my system last weekend… With that […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 10/22/11

It is another week of “early picking” here in Curmudgeon Central because a few of these Mythical Picks will turn into actual wagers involving coin of the realm this weekend. This is the weekend of the Annual Autumnal Pilgrimage to Las Vegas wherein approximately 66 hours will be devoted to betting on football games, watching […]

Viva Las Vegas…

‘Tis another short week here in Curmudgeon Central as the time approaches for the annual football/baseball/horse racing/dog racing weekend in Las Vegas. If you decided that you wanted to start an annual tradition like the one that my friends and I have created, the time to do it is either in the Fall when there […]