Monthly Archives: July 2011

The NBA Labor Situation…

The NFL teams are in training camp and have begun practicing. Absent an asteroid crashing into the Earth between now and the week after Labor Day, there will be a football season. With that “crisis” in the rearview mirror, let me take a moment and focus on some things that ought to be part of […]

It’s Good To Be The King…

If you recall the Mel Brooks movie, History of the World – Part I, you will remember the line during the part of the movie about the French Revolution. Mel Brooks in the character of Louis XVI repeatedly says: “It’s good to be the king…” Well, maybe being “king” is not so good on 27 […]

Winners And Losers…

Well it looks as if the NFL lockout/work stoppage/CBA negotiations/whatever have come to an end. Please recall all the nasty things that everyone said about each other in the last 5 months or so and file them under “M” for “Meaningless”. Now, before the free-agency feeding frenzy begins, allow me to suggest one set of […]

Minor League Baseball Is A Joy

Partially to escape the heat of the DC area, we spent this weekend at our vacation home in the Pennsylvania mountains and went to see the Altoona Curve/.New Britain Rock Cats game on Sunday night. My long-suffering wife would prefer to have wisdom tooth extraction than go to see a major league baseball game but […]

Positive NFL/NFLPA Labor News

The news of the day is that the NFL labor dispute has taken a step towards resolution. The owners have ratified an agreement reached at the bargaining table. By league rules, they needed 24 votes to achieve ratification; the vote was 31-0 with Al Davis (on behalf of the Oakland Raiders) abstaining. I have no […]

A Little Love For The Cleveland Indians

Several times, I have written about the surprising season the Pirates are putting together in Pittsburgh and how the fans there have responded with increased attendance. That prompted a comment from a friend who has been reading these rants since before they appeared on the Internet. He is a native of Ohio and his comment/question […]

The Joy Of Tweeting

I ran across a report that said that the Women’s World Cup Final game was “the most tweeted event in history” and that there was an average of 7,196 tweets per second. Trust me, I have not verified either of those facts and have no plans to do so. However, if correct it might explain […]

The UFL Provides Football News

Yet again, the only news to report on the NFL negotiations front is that there is no news. The two sides continue to negotiate; everyone on the planet knows that they will reach an agreement rather than sacrifice any significant part of the season – – but they still do not have it done. The […]

Lots Of Magical Thinking Out There Today

The Women’s World Cup Final yesterday was an exciting contest. The Japanese team was sort of like Rocky Balboa; the Americans were taller, bigger and for the most part faster than their counterparts at just about every position. Nonetheless, the Japanese just “kept punching” and came back twice for late game one-goal deficits to tie […]

Tidying Up…

With the weekend approaching, I need to take care of a few loose ends that are hanging around on my clipboard. The first one is a comment from Steve Rosenbloom’s Rosenblog on the Chicago Tribune website: “The All-Star Game determined home-field advantage in the World Series. The Yankees are a team with a stake in […]