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The Dallas Mavericks did not just beat the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday. If you watched the game, what you saw was a ritual disembowelment. The domination on display was as complete as it could have been. As surprised as I was to see the Lakers go out in a sweep, I was even more surprised to see them throw away any claim they might have had to “decency” as a team. The Lakers played with no fire or interest or heart; then they compounded that stinkeroo of a showing by showing themselves to be cheap-shot artists. Andrew Bynum’s intentional and flagrant foul on JJ Barea got a 10 rating on the “Disgusting Scale”.

Phil Jackson has always comported himself with class on the bench; for the most part, his eleven championship teams have demonstrated class on the court; yesterday, his team sank to the level of pro ‘rassling bad guys who cheap shot the good guys and do not care who sees them do it. I do not know what kind of suspension Andrew Bynum will get at the beginning of next season – – if there is a next season – – for his foul yesterday but recall that Ron Artest got a suspension for the balance of a season and all of the playoffs for “The Basketbrawl” in Detroit. I would not be averse to see Bynum get the same thing…

In response to the note I had last week on Carl Lewis being drafted by the NFL Cowboys and the NBA Bulls, a former colleague pointed out to me that Dave Winfield was drafted and subsequently signed by the San Diego Padres and was also:

    Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
    Drafted by the Utah Stars (ABA) – – and – –
    Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

In response to my topical Rant last week on Rashard Mendenhall’s “Twitter Twaddle”, I got an e-mail from a reader and this was the salient point of the communication. Even though I will not put the entire e-mail here, let me assure you that this author was more than a bit upset with Mendenhall’s remarks:

“How the NFL punishes Mendenhall will determine if I ever watch NFL football again.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to state his or her opinion. I think that expression is a bit harsh and more than a bit of an over-reaction. I can understand that the Commish might determine that such behavior does not “enhance the brand” of the NFL and perhaps some kind of punishment is merited. However, even to consider boycotting the NFL for a lifetime over those tweets is as far off-center as the remarks themselves.

I think that Bob Molinaro had an interesting comment on the Mendenhall Tweets in the Hampton-Roads Virginian-Pilot over the weekend:

“The fallout from Mendenhall’s tweets about bin Laden’s death was predictable, but why do people allow themselves to get upset over comments made by athletes who don’t know what they’re talking about? Mendenhall’s deep thoughts on real-world issues are of less interest to me than Hillary Clinton’s stance on the DH rule.”

I am not a cultural anthropologist by any stretch of the imagination and so I have no idea if in Latin cultures the surname, Sanchez, is as common as Smith might be in English. I do know that the Miami Marlins seem to have cornered the market here with these guys on the roster:

    Anibel Sanchez
    Brian Sanchez
    Gaby Sanchez

Upon further review…

    Reading/hearing about litigation and legal maneuvering between the NFL and the NFLPA is even less interesting than watching/hearing about exhibition football games.

    Who knew?

I read over the weekend that Manny Pacquiao’s weigh-in for his fight with Shane Moseley drew 8000 people to a room in the MGM Grand. Eight thousand people – – showed up to see a man take off most of his clothing and stand on scale for 10 seconds and flex his biceps. I am sorry, but I just cannot understand that…

On the assumption that the NFL has a 2011 season, here are the advance wagering odds for the winner of next year’s Super Bowl as per www.bodog.com.

    The co-favorites at 7-1 odds are:

      Green Bay Packers
      New England Patriots

    The two longest shots on the board at 100-1 are:

      Buffalo Bills
      Carolina Panthers

The story is that the LA Dodgers will not be able to meet their payroll obligations on 31 May 2011 unless they get an infusion of cash from somewhere. This will create a brouhaha for the next several weeks leading up to that witching hour. PR folks will be hard at work spinning the events surrounding that mess as best they can. Nevertheless, once you look past those carefully crafted messages, the fact is that you are looking at a team and an owner that is in the process of self-immolation. And like a self-immolation, there is no one to “root for” here.

Finally, here is an interesting Q&A from Dwight Perry in the Seattle Times:

Q: What do you call a wardrobe malfunction in the Lingerie Football League?

A: A busted coverage.

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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  • Ed  On May 9, 2011 at 2:28 am

    I wonder if Mr Molinaro took this stand if his newspaper was printing Obama’s NCAA brackets…..

    Mendenhall is appropriately punished – his endorsement loss and having the crap booed out of him. I find what he did odious – but less so than Leonard little, Ray Lewis, and Michael Vick. Heck, i still watch the Jets, coached by Rex “Porno photographer” Ryan

    Sanchezes are good, but the Mets once had 2 Bob Millers on the team simultaneously

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On May 9, 2011 at 12:57 pm


    I remember when the Mets had seemingly cornered the market on “Bob Millers”.

    I agree that Rashard Mendenhall ought not to be suspended by the league. However, if the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers choose to cut him and “go in a different direction” that would be their decision entirely and it ought not to be second-guessed. Same if they keep him; same if THEY – not the NFL – suspend him…

  • Ed  On May 9, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Agreed. If the Rooneys decide this is not the image they want the Steelers to have, they should be allowed to cut him. I can see if he stopped at “Don’t celebrate anyone’s death”. Not that I would AGREE, but it is a point. Then he went way too far IMO.

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