Post-Draft Comments And The Nude Olympics…

Notwithstanding the fact that the NFL lockout is back in force until an appeals court hears arguments on its validity, football news over the weekend focused on the draft. In candor, I did NOT sit in front of a TV set to watch all of the coverage; had I done so, I am convinced that I would have lost whatever grip on sanity I might possess sometime on Friday. With that confession on the table and with the basic understanding that until free agency and the new financial rules dictated by the new CBA are in place, it is not possible to make a rational assessment of the draft’s impact on the teams, I do have some comments here:

    I think that Cam Newton is a “reach” as the overall #1 pick. Interestingly, the Panthers used their first pick last year (in the second round) on a QB, Jimmy Clausen. Teams do not do that often…

    If the Broncos get Elvis Dumervil back at anything near full strength and pair him with #2 pick, Von Miller, their pass rush will be significantly better.

    Since the Bengals took AJ Green first, does that mean that T.O. and Chad “Whatever-His-Surname-Might-Be-This-Week” are gone?

    The Niners first pick was “A. Smith”; he is a DE from Missouri. The Niners recently took an “A. Smith” as the #1 overall pick in a draft. They have to hope this “A. Smith” works out just a bit better.

    Giving up 4 picks to move up and get Julio Jones is a big deal for the Falcons. If you are a Falcons’ fan, they were “aggressive”; if he does not turn out to be a Pro Bowl WR, they were “irrationally impulsive”; if he turns out to be a meathead, they were “dumb as a box of hammers”.

    The Titans took Jake Locker at #8. Really?

    The Vikings took Christian Ponder at #12? Really?

      [On the other hand, can he really be much worse than Tarvaris Jackson was?]

    If Nick Fairley can be motivated to play hard all the time, then the Lions are building a formidable defense from the inside out.

    The Redksins took Ryan Kerrigan at #16. Kerrigan is the anti-Haynesworth. Where Fat Albert has a ton of talent and a microgram of work ethic and hustle, Kerrigan has good-but-not-great skills and 100% effort on every play. I prefer the anti-Haynesworth player every time.

      [By the way, for all those out there who think that Roger Goodell has too much unilateral authority over players, please note that he has yet to land with both feet on Fat Albert for his myriad demonstrations of anti-social behavior.]

    The Colts took offensive linemen with their first two picks. They have a QB already; they took steps to protect him.

    The Seahawks took an OT (James Carpenter, Alabama) with their first pick. They took an OT with their first pick last year too.

    When the Jets took Muhammad Wilkerson in the first round, my pre-draft e-mailer’s prediction that Temple would have a first round pick came to pass.

    The Steelers took Cameron Heyward in the first round. He is the some of Ironhead Heyward so he already has “Pittsburgh connections”.

    The Packers took Derek Sherrod in the first round. The Packers’ OL looked pretty good last year; this looks like stockpiling to me.

    The Ravens took Jimmy Smith and then Torrey Smith with their first two picks. Insert your own Smith Bros Cough Drops punch line here.

    The Cardinals, Bills, Dolphins and Redskins all passed on drafting any QBs at all. Interesting…

    I like the Lions taking Titus Young to complement Calvin Johnson.

    Ryan Mallett dropped all the way to the 3rd round because of “character issues” and wound up in New England. Not a bad place for him to land…

    The Cardinals took RB, Ryan Wilson, in the second round. They already have Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. I wonder what this portends…

    Carson Palmer and Chad O. say they do not want to play in Cincy any more. The Bengals take a QB and a WR in the first two rounds. Hmm…

    It looked to me as if WR, Randall Cobb, was the last guy in the “holding pen” at Radio City Music Hall and then the Packers took him. A few years ago, the Packers also took a guy who waited a long time in the “holding pen” named Aaron Rodgers and that worked out OK for them…

    The Jags took a WR from Mount Union named Cecil Shorts. If he does not pan out, we can name him Cecil “He Looked Good In” Shorts.

    The Redskins used three consecutive picks to take players from the same school, Nebraska. Perhaps this is Danny Boy Snyder’s contingency plan for the team should he lose via lawsuit his ability to hold the trade mark “Redskins”. The team can become the Washington Cornhuskers.

The NY Jets drafted a defensive lineman from Hampton named Kenrick Ellis. This is a risky pick not because Ellis played at a small school against lesser competition than some other players. This is a risky pick because Ellis is facing charges and a trial in July on felony assault charges that carry a 20-year maximum penalty with them. Let me hasten to add the “innocent until proven guilty caveat” here, but still…

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald had this observation about the Dolphins draft:

“Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall said he thinks Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro and so probably wishes Miami had taken a stab at him in the first round. Wait, let me rephrase that.

The Nude Olympics is underway in Queensland Australia. Two events in the competition are the “Best Bums” and the “Magnificent Mums”. If Jerry Jones were staging this competition, he would hold an auction to sell off the rights to present the medals in those two competitions. Bidding could be very lively…

Finally, here is one more line from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald:

“Sam Robson, 28, completed the London Marathon, then continued running 99 more miles to his home. I did something similar once, except I skipped the marathon part and drove the 99 miles.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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  • Ed  On May 2, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Teams have been known to stock up on QBs before. The Jets in 1965 spent the #12 pick on the Heisman trophy winner, John Huarte from Notre Dame. They also spent the #1 on some other guy.. Nemeth? Something like that…

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On May 3, 2011 at 10:09 am


    Thankfully, they don’t have 12 rounds in the draft anymore. If they did – – and with 32 teams drafting – – there is no telling what the REALLY late rounds of the draft might look like…

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