Monthly Archives: April 2011

Title IX Shenanigans

Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that more than a few Division I colleges and universities are “cooking the books” in order to remain in compliance with Title IX. In the 1970s, Congress passed important legislation for the purpose of assuring equal educational access and opportunities for men and women. Within that legislation […]

More College Basektball Point Shaving?

Another point-shaving scandal/gambling-influenced game results scandal has afflicted college basketball. Such things have happened in the past such as at CCNY in the early 50s, St. Josephs in the early 60s and Arizona State in the late 90s. There have to have been others, but those are the obvious historical precedents. Now, the focus is […]

I Only Know What I Read In The Newspapers – – online

Sometimes, an item in the sports news just writes itself into snarky commentary with little additional effort on the part of the “snarker”. Today I want to highlight two such items. First, the National Basketball Association has a committee of its owners who oversee issues related to the movement of franchises from one city to […]

Magical Thinking

The Celtics have swept the Knicks out of the first round of the NBA playoffs. It is hardly a surprise that the Celtics won the series; a sweep, however, is always a surprise. Knicks’ fans are already at work conjuring up scenarios for trades and free agent signings that will put the Knicks back on […]

NFL Draft Analysis – – 2011

Despite the lockout and the legal wrangling with the NFLPA over labor laws in the US, the NFL will hold its annual draft this week. While I have gotten very tired of the press releases and the controlled leaks of information from the league and the players association regarding the heinous nature of the opposite […]

Are The Mets Next?

Yesterday when writing about the takeover of the Dodgers by MLB, I said that action might be an omen for the NY Mets whose financial situation has the Sword of Damocles hanging over it. For the moment, the Dodgers are a mediocre team but they are not awful. The Mets have the potential to be […]

Bud Selig Moves In…

The story of the day – – and perhaps of the month – – has to be the seizure of control by the Commissioner of Baseball of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ franchise. MLB has taken the day-to-day control of the franchise away from Frank McCourt and Bud Selig said that he would appoint someone very […]

Recommended Reading

Ray Ratto used to write for the SF Chronicle and now writes for He has a well-developed curmudgeonly core. His column today regarding team ownership and what it means for a team to be “your team” is definitely worth reading in its entirety.

Sports Fans Bill Of Rights – – And Responsibilities

As I read stuff and watch other stuff on TV as sources of ideas for these rants, I have begun to come to the conclusion that I really needed to have gone to law school earlier in life to understand what is going on in sports. Consider: The NFL and the NFLPA are arguing in […]

Cleaning The Clipboard…

Today, I want to do some cleaning up of my clipboard. A while back, I ran across this item and neglected to note where I found it. I believe it comes from Bob Smizik’s blog on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website but I am not positive. In any event, Bobby Bonilla got the first installment of […]