More Tournament Notes

Let me start today with my notes from last night’s games – - and by saying that it is a lot easier to watch and tape games on two networks than it is to watch and tape games on 4 networks.

    Kawhi Leonard picking up a technical foul – - giving him 2 personal fouls – - in the first 4 minutes for San Diego State set him up to be the Meathead of the Night. Not to worry, he was bailed out.

    Kemba Walker was ice cold to start the game and finished with 36 points. He “took over the game” in the middle of the second half.

    Leslie Visser’s hair-do was the worst hair viewing experience on TV since Larry Fine.

    The UConn offense to start the second half seemed to be this:

      Fiddle around until 8 seconds left on shot clock.
      Heave up a shot.

    Jamaal Franklin’s technical foul during a time-out stopped San Diego State momentum that Franklin had contributed to mightily. His technical foul was so much dumber than Kawhi Leonard’s was that Franklin is the Meathead of the Night.

    UConn/San Diego State was a “Prune Juice Game” – - a game of runs by both teams.

    Why did Florida waste time jump shooting against BYU? Their big men inside (Alec Tyus for example) looked as if they could control the boards and the game if they saw the ball more than 20% of the time.

    Jimmer Fredette is more than a “3-point shooter”. He was only 3 for 15 last night on 3-point shots but he still got 32 points.

    Kenny Boynton for Florida played an excellent defensive game.

    Sir Charles Barkley picked Arizona to beat Duke because they were the “more physical team”. Even at the half with Duke leading by 6, he said he was confident Arizona would win. So much for Billy Packer’s snit-fest saying that the TNT crew did not know college basketball sufficiently to handle the TV chores this year.

    Graphic said Derrick Williams shot 58% on 3-point attempts this year. Can that be true?

    Kyrie Irving – - bad foot and lack of “game conditioning” notwithstanding – - is very good. In terms of recent freshman college point guards, I think he is better than John Wall and comparable with Derrick Rose.

    Duke led by 11 with about 5 minutes to play in the first half and still lost by 16.

    My note says, “get Arizona’s shooting and 3-point stats at the end”. OK, here they are:

      Arizona shot 54% from the field
      Arizona shot 60% from 3-point range.

    Butler led by 9 at the half. Here are the adjectives I wrote down to describe Butler’s first half performance:


    Butler wins games by playing smothering defense and by being efficient on offense. Defense last night was indeed smothering.

    Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin) is an excellent player despite having a cold shooting night. He got little if any help from other guys in white shirts.

I was chatting with a former colleague yesterday who is a monstrous basketball fan. Since Duke was sent west to play last night, one of the topics that came up at the coaches meetings with the press had to do with Mike Krzyzewski’s flirtation with the LA Lakers when their coaching job was open several years ago. Coach K said that the Lakers job had been the only NBA job that had seriously tempted him during his career.

Just a feelgood moment for everyone; nothing that I would have paid the least attention to except … My former colleague had seen that press moment on the Internet and then presented me with a “nugget of information” that only he would carry around in his head. Here it is:

      The LA Lakers are the only NBA team that has never had a Duke player on its roster.

I offer that info here with exactly zero “fact-checking” because it would take 1000 times more effort to try to check it that it would be worth. And because that is the kind of stuff that that resides in my friend’s synapses…

Finally, here are two tidbits from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald regarding a sport that is just a bit less evident in the sporting cosmos than March Madness:

“It is regatta season in South Florida, with several sailing events going on from Broward to the Keys. Sailing: A sport whose wealthy participants are able to buy anything they want, except wind.”

“In sailing, the 84th Bacardi Cup ended. If I had my 84th cup of Bacardi, I would be in no shape to sail.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Ed  On March 25, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Re: The South Florida regatta where they could not buy wind?

    Are you saying NONE of them had bought a Congressman? They have PLENTY of wind, and there are always some for sale.

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On March 28, 2011 at 11:24 am


    Great observation!

    Suggest you go to Miami Herald website and get Greg Cote’s e-mail address and send that comment to him. Wish I had thought of it myself!

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