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An Entertaining NBA Regular Season Game

Last night offered the opportunity to watch an NBA regular season game that had something approaching a compelling interest. The newly reconstructed Knicks “took their talents to South Beach” to face the formerly newly reconstructed Miami Heat. It was not a “loser-goes-home” confrontation but it did give a look at two teams who underwent radical […]

An “SAT Word” I Never Thought I’d Use…

One of my favorite words from the vocabulary lists I used in order to prepare for the SATs back when I was in high school was “salmagundi”. It means a jumble or a clutter or a mish-mash. Well, today’s offering will be a “Sporting Salmagundi” of items. Cal Tech broke its conference losing streak in […]

Talking Sports

When I got back home earlier this week from my writing hiatus, I was going through the accumulated mail and found an envelope from a friend and sporadic reader of these rants. He is of my generation; he still reads newspapers in the way that can get ink on your fingertips. Inside the envelope, there […]

Recommended Reading

Scott Ostler is always a good read. This column is a GREAT read.

Hat Tip To Fr. Gregor Mendel

When you studied biology in high school, you learned about the simple but elegant experiments of Gregor Mendel showing that the inheritance of certain traits in pea plants was not random but was predictable. He is the Father of Genetics. Fr. Mendel is likely smiling somewhere in the cosmos at recent news from the horse […]

End Of The Melo-Drama; Praise The Lord

With the consummation of the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks, it is tempting to spend today analyzing the puts and takes from that deal. However, I think there are more important issues to consider; and so, I will make only a couple of points about the trade and let things play out for a […]

Tanned, Rested And Ready

After Richard Nixon’s “retirement” from politics in the early 1960s when he said the press would not have Nixon to kick around anymore, he returned to politics seeking the Republican nomination for President in 1968. Upon launching that campaign, his campaign folks marketed him as “tanned, rested and ready”. Well, I have just returned from […]

On Hiatus

It is unlikely that I will be able to write next week. Even if I do have sufficient Internet access and some spare time to compose a rant, I would only write once or twice at the absolute most. Please come back Monday 21 Feb. I should be back on the air then Stay well.

A “Something’s Got To Give Game”

The Cleveland Cavaliers now own the NBA record for most consecutive games lost at 26 games. Next week, the Cavs will face the Washington Wizards at home in Cleveland in a “Something’s Got to Give Game”. As of now, the Wizards are winless on the road for all of 2010/1011; as of last night, the […]

In The Wake Of The Super Bowl

I believe it was Ring Lardner who originated the column In The Wake Of The News a long time ago. Well, in that spirit, let me ramble on today about events “In The Wake Of The Super Bowl” – – and I do not mean the lawsuit against anyone and everyone filed by the class […]