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A couple days ago, I told you that the NFL was planning to sell tickets to fans at the Super Bowl that were standing room only and were in an “outdoor plaza adjacent to the fan plaza near the stadium”. Last night, I got an e-mail from a reader in Houston who tracks the details of football as closely as anyone on the planet. Here is the text of his e-mail:

“Tix are $200 per pop to Club Seat owners – max of 4 per person. They’re trying to sell 15,000 and NFL said they can include them in the attendance in an attempt to break SB record of over 103 grand in Pasadena in 1980. If they can’t sell 15,000, then they’ll sell to other ticket holders then the unwashed general public, as a blogger wrote.”

Based on the multiple dozens of times that this Houston reader has gotten the details right with regard to “matters football”, I choose to believe this is exactly the deal the NFL is offering. To that, I would have to say:

    The world is full of people who have too much time on their hands – - and idle hands are indeed the Devil’s workshop. In addition, if 15,000 sheep masquerading as people pay $200 to stand “in a parking lot” and watch the Super Bowl on a big screen TV, there are some people in the world with way more time and money than brains.

According to the Associated Press, the folks at NASCAR are thinking about changing their scoring system to determine their seasonal champion. The system under consideration would award 43 points to whoever finishes first in a race and 42 points to the person who finishes second and so on down to the last finisher. The current points system is too complicated for anyone to calculate without the aid of a computer. Moreover, I would have an easier time grasping the full meaning of Poincarre’s Conjecture [it deals with algebraic topology] than I would understanding the reasoning behind all the elements in the current NASCAR scoring system.

I know that Nike is not one of the big NASCAR sponsors – - by the way, how long until Nike gets into the tire business … tires are just shoes for cars, no? – - but the NASCAR folks do need to consider the Nike slogan with regard to their proposed new scoring system:

    Just do it!

Here is a recent “Tweet” from Bernie Lincicome formerly of the Rocky Mountain News and the Chicago Tribune:

“All that keeps boxing alive are movies about boxing.

As is usually the case, Professor Lincicome is on to something here…

Milton Bradley is back in the news; and when Milton Bradley is in the news in January, it is probably not good news. Bradley was arrested in California for “making threats against a woman”. On the surface, that sounds pretty tame, except at least one report said that the charges here were a felony and not merely a misdemeanor. Ooops…

Bradley has a history of “less than fully socialized behaviors”. Several years ago, the Dodgers traded him after he threw a water bottle at a group of fans. During his stay with the Dodgers, he also had a confrontation with a local reporter that was more than a verbal give-and-take with raised voices. During his tenure with the Cubs, Bradley served a suspension for “bumping” an umpire and got into a raging argument with manager Lou Piniella who called Bradley a “piece of [excrement]” – - according to those who overheard the exchange in the dugout. The Cubs ultimately suspended Bradley for “the rest of the season” in September of his last year in Chicago.

Then last year, Bradley took a leave of absence from the Mariners to undergo psychological counseling because the Mariners’ hierarchy felt that he was “putting too much pressure on himself”. That is the Cliff’s Notes version; there are other incidents that indicate that Milton Bradley has had difficulty controlling his emotions in the past. He is out of jail on bail pending a court appearance in early February.

The Seattle Mariners have Bradley under contract for this year; it is the contract they inherited when they got him from the Cubbies; Bradley will make $12M this year. The Mariners face a dilemma:

    On one hand, this is Bradley’s contract year. He is 32 years old; he has “baggage”. If he aspires to another MLB contract, he needs to be on good behavior this year and to put up some eye-catching numbers.

    On the other hand, there is all that “baggage”. The Mariners have young players on their team who could use veteran leadership from players with significantly less “baggage”.

Speaking of a baseball player – - in this case a former baseball player – - who is carrying some “baggage” around, consider this comment from Scott Ostler in the SF Chronicle:

Another bizarre twist in Lenny Dykstra’s ongoing personal implosion: Los Angeles prosecutors declined to file charges against Dykstra after his housekeeper accused him of sexual assault. File that story under ‘Tick … tick … tick …’ “

Finally, here is a note from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald demonstrating Messr. Cote’s insightful handicapping skills:

“The World Series of Poker finally ended, and I won. Yeah, I had bet big that the eventual winner would be a self-absorbed guy in sunglasses wearing a hat with advertising on it.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports………

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  • Peter  On January 20, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    Counting people standing outside a stadium and watching the game on TV monitors toward the record for Super Bowl attendance means that the record is utterly meaningless.

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On January 21, 2011 at 9:56 am


    Agree! Why not count everyone in Dallas at a sports bar watching on Hi-Def TVs? Ohh, I know…

    The guys in the sports bars didn’t pay a $200 cover charge.

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