Monthly Archives: January 2011

Super Bowl Trivia Question…

My longstanding reader who loves to torment me with trivia sent along this question last Friday afternoon with the clear intention of ruining my weekend. I never did get the answer even with hints. I will give you the question and the hints he gave me to see if it rings any bells in your […]

Gambling And Sports

Despite the protestations of the NFL Commissioner – – and the two previous incumbents in that position – -, the foundation of the NFL’s popularity is gambling on the outcome of the games and various proposition wagers associated with the games. In the US, more money “goes down” on football games than on any other […]

The Plight Of The Attention Starved…

Chad Ochocinco told Trey Wingo on NFL Live that he was going to change his name back to Chad Johnson and that he wanted to fight his coach, Marvin Lewis, on television. Since the Bengals were nowhere near the playoff action and since Ochocinco had a “less than wonderful season” paired with his new running […]

Spring Is On The Way…

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting in about three weeks. Forget Punxsutawney Phil; Spring is right around the corner when pitchers and catchers report… So, let me take an opportunity to catch up on a couple of baseball happenings today. The Tampa Bay Rays have now signed Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez. Damon can still […]

Jay Cutler And The Twitter Twaddle Tsunami

Anyone who has read these rants for a while knows that I would never get a nomination as “Commentator of the Year” from the Jay Cutler Fan Club. Of the competent QBs in the NFL at this time, he would be my last choice to be the QB for my NFL team. Nevertheless, I have […]

Packers Vs. Steelers In Two Weeks

The only off-the-field question related to the Super Bowl that has any pertinence is this one: Will there be more terrible towels or wedge-shaped cheese hats in Dallas on February 6? Both the Steelers and the Packers “travel well”; the business community of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area cannot be unhappy with this pairing. FOX lost […]

Basketball Stuff Today

With all of half a season behind him, Blake Griffin is in the discussion as the greatest LA Clipper of all time. The LA Times is running a poll on that subject and there are 15 players on the “ballot”. The rule for the poll is that the player had to be a Los Angeles […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 1/23/11

‘Tis time for the penultimate Mythical Picks of the football season. However, before I embark on that journey, let me go back and review last week’s commentary. I liked the Ravens +3 against the Steelers and the game to sneak Over 37. The Ravens did not cover but the game was more than comfortably Over […]

Standing Room Only

A couple days ago, I told you that the NFL was planning to sell tickets to fans at the Super Bowl that were standing room only and were in an “outdoor plaza adjacent to the fan plaza near the stadium”. Last night, I got an e-mail from a reader in Houston who tracks the details […]

Recommended Reading

Here is a link to a column by Scott Ostler written on Jan 17th just before the announcement of Hue Jackson as the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders. In the column, Professor Ostler takes aim at Al Davis and his recent stewardship of the Raiders. This column deserves to be read in its […]