Repairing Tiger Woods’ Image

Tiger Woods was on Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN Radio today for about half an hour. I am sure you will read and hear a lot of commentary and reactions to that interview. Here is my summary:

    1. This “appearance” coincides with a first person article in Newsweek and the establishment of a Twitter account.

    2. The answers sounded as if they had been rehearsed many times.

    3. I believe the motivation here has less to do with “reconnecting with his loyal fans” than it has to do with “reconnecting with his big sponsorship deals”.

Reports today indicate that Greg Oden will require microfracture surgery on his knee and will be out for the season. He has had microfracture surgery before. This would have been the fourth season since Oden was drafted #1 overall out of Ohio State by the Blazers; he has appeared in a total of 82 games (one NBA season) in that time due to injury. Even at age 22, it may be time to ask if his career is over…

In the 3rd quarter of Monday night’s Eagles/Redskins debacle, there was a play that has been shown on TV about a bazillion times. Fat Albert Haynesworth makes some penetration as Michael Vick drops back to pass, but he goes to the ground. Rather than fight his way back up to pursue Vick, he just lies there on his belly while Vick has almost 8 seconds in the pocket to pick out a receiver for a TD. So, imagine that Fat Albert hired the same “image repair consultants” that Tiger Woods has on retainer; how might they explain that play:

    A. Fat Albert practiced so hard all week long, he needed a catnap.

    B. Fat Albert was trying to bring awareness to the problem of beached whales.

    C. Fat Albert was practicing “The Worm”.

There is a blog on the Baltimore Sun website that has rated/ranked the 32 NFL coaches from best to worst. Rather than get into precise placements, here are the “Top Three”:

    Bill Belichick
    Jeff Fisher
    Mike Tomlin

And, here are the “Bottom Four” – – there was a tie for 29th place in their listing:

    Chan Gailey
    Jason Garrett
    Jim Schwartz
    Steve Spagnuolo

I think I would be tempted to have either Brad Childress and/or Lovie Smith in that “Bottom” grouping and I am not sure that Mike Tomlin belongs that high on the list. I might be tempted to put Mike Smith or Tom Coughlin in Tomlin’s slot.

There will be a college football game in Yankee Stadium this weekend between Army and Notre Dame. Do not be fooled into thinking this is some kind of new thinking on the part of NYC or Yankee Stadium overseers. These two teams played each other in the original Yankee Stadium – – before the original one was gutted and renovated – – 21 times between 1925 and 1946.

There will be a college football game in Wrigley Field this weekend between Illinois and Northwestern. I sure hope everyone associated with this game has their premiums for their liability insurance paid up. The right field wall at Wrigley – – made of brick by the way – – is about 1 foot from the end line of one end zone. The goal post is mounted directly into the brick wall. Yes, there is padding on the wall but a diving attempt to catch a ball there could easily break a neck or bring on a concussion. If a team tries a 50-yard field goal to that end and it barely makes it over the crossbar, it would be possible for a “Latter Day Steve Bartman” to reach out and knock the ball down before it went through the uprights.

If you doubt this description, go to Google Images and search on

    “Wrigley Field football configuration 2010”

I have said many times before that pre-season polls in college football and college basketball are meaningless and stupid. Please consider the polling of experts in August 2010. The consensus was that Florida was the #4 team in the country and Texas was the #5 team. Now we are in November 2010 and here is what we have:

    Texas is 4-6 and needs to win out to be bowl eligible. Imagine Texas – – the putative #5 team in the country – – barely qualifying for an invitation to the Humanitarian Bowl.

    Florida is 6-4 and has lost three games in a row at home.

The Big East Champion is one of the BCS “automatic qualifiers”. Don’t look now but Pitt is 5-4 this year; Pitt is – – deservedly so – – unranked in the Top 25 in BCS rankings; and Pitt holds a 1 game lead for the Big East Conference Championship. If the season ended today, Pitt would be playing in the Fiesta Bowl. The good people of Arizona should boycott that game and any entity that sponsors it. Or maybe it is time to reconsider the “automatic” part of “automatic qualifier”…

Finally, since the college basketball season has begun, here is an observation from Bob Molinaro of the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot about Butler coach, Brad Stevens:

“Wunderkind Brad Stevens’ 12-year contract extension from Butler will take him through the 2021-2022 season. By then, he should be shaving.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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