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Hypocrite Or Ignoramus? You Make The Call

When you are traveling on a plane, there are times when the pilot comes on the intercom and tells you to fasten your seat belts. That can mean there will be some turbulence or maybe it means you are coming in for a landing. What it usually means is that there could be a “bumpy […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers

With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror for 2010, I think there are a couple of examples of people who had good reason to be thankful: 1. Tiger Woods had to be thankful that Thanksgiving 2010 was less eventful than Thanksgiving 2009. 2. Headline writers and page designers at the Memphis Commercial Appeal had to be […]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…

Happy Thanksgiving to all… Everyone has leftovers after Thanksgiving. Therefore, I need to clean out my storage space here of leftover items before the Thanksgiving Day games and events present more material to work with. And so, in no particular order… Now that the Miami Heat have lost 6 games out of their first 14 […]

No Mythical Picks This Week, So…

There will be no Mythical Picks – – NCAA or NFL – – this week. There is no way on this planet or any other planet in the known universe where I would have nearly the amount of time necessary to put those things together. Instead, I will devote today’s offering to a review of […]

Football Coaches – – Pooh-Bahs Of Prevarication

Folks who run or work in HR Departments have a language all their own. One of the bits of jargon there refers to KSAs – the acronym stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. These are nominally the attributes that a job seeker would need to demonstrate in order to “get on the short list” for […]

Briefly today…

This will have to be brief today; we have a major social commitment this evening and there is prep work I need to participate in. In an interview reported on, Ron Artest said: “God willing, after my NBA career, God willing I’m still athletic enough – which I’m trying to take care of my […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 11/21/10

Recapping last week’s selections: I liked the Ravens +1 against the Falcons. The Falcons won by 5. A coin flip said to take the Bills and lay 3 points against the Lions. The Bills won by only 2. That coin is destined for a parking meter… I liked the Jets – 3 over the Browns […]

Repairing Tiger Woods’ Image

Tiger Woods was on Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN Radio today for about half an hour. I am sure you will read and hear a lot of commentary and reactions to that interview. Here is my summary: 1. This “appearance” coincides with a first person article in Newsweek and the establishment of […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 11/20/10

Here are the results from last week’s selections: I liked Pitt – 5.5 and Pitt/UConn Under 47. Pitt lost straight up and the game went Over. I liked Iowa – 10 against Northwestern. Iowa lost outright. I liked Minnesota +21.5 against Illinois. Minnesota pulled the upset and won straight up. I liked Michigan/Purdue Under 62. […]

Let The Hot Stove League Commence

With impending GM meetings, the baseball “Hot Stove League” is about to get rolling. Before things get into high gear, let me make two observations: 1. The Yankees covet Cliff Lee for their starting rotation for two reasons. They need another starter and having him in pinstripes means they do not have to face Lee […]