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Move The Rays Out Of Tampa – – Now

Earlier this week, David Price and Evan Longoria expressed their feelings that an insufficient number of hometown fans in the Tampa area come to see their games. The reaction to those comments has largely been negative. The players have been characterized as “out of touch” with the economic realities of fans and “unskilled” in the […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 10/2/10

Here is a quick recap of last week’s commentaries: I said that I could not find the attendance at Temple’s last home game. A reader from Houston provided a link and the attendance was 18,702. That may not sound like much; but five years ago, typical attendance at a Temple home game was around 8,000. […]

Why The #2 Guy Is Behind The #1 Guy…

Last weekend, four NFL teams “switched quarterbacks”. The Bills, Panthers and Raiders changed from their #1 QB at the start of the season to the guy that was #2 on their roster just two weeks before. The Eagles “sort of switched QBs” when Andy Reid changed his mind in mid-week about who would start the […]

RIP – – George Blanda

George Blanda died yesterday. He played NFL – and AFL – football for 26 seasons; and while in his 40s, he led the Oakland Raiders to conference championship games as their QB and their place kicker. He started his career with the Chicago Bears in 1949. Rest in peace, George Blanda. As I watched last […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 9/26/10

Let us begin this week with a review of the bidding from last week. I said the Vikings looked old and tired against the Saints in Week 1. Well, they looked old and tired against the Bears again in Week 2. Three times makes a trend… I liked the Ravens to win and cover 1.5 […]

Betcha Didn’t Know This…

I need to alert you now so that you can be prepared for Sunday. No, I am not going to remind you to stock up on beer, pretzels and chips to watch the NFL games on Sunday; you already know you have to do that. What you probably do not know is that Sunday is […]

Mythical Picks – NCAA – Weekend of 9/25/10

Let us review last week’s commentaries: I said if you knew which Kansas team would show up for the So. Mississippi game, you were one up on Turner Gill. The bad Kansas showed up and lost by 15 points. I wondered if Alabama might go Over the total line of 56.5 all by itself. Alabama […]

The NFL Quarterback Carousel 2010

The NFL Quarterback Carousel is spinning so fast you have to worry about it creating a black hole of its own. For years, people have said that quarterback is the most important position on an NFL team and that stability in that position leading to a rapport with the wide receivers and the offensive linemen […]

Required Reading…

If you like satire and you like sports, you will like this column by Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle. As they used to say in the Guinness ads, “Brilliant!” Here it is.

Washington Nationals – Waking Up The Echoes

On Monday night this week, the Washington Nationals played to the smallest home crowd since the franchise moved from Montreal to DC. The announced attendance was 10,999. Last night, the announced attendance was 11,893 representing an 8% increase from Monday night. I wish I had a credible turnstile count for that game because there were […]