Good News – - Bad News

Here is the good news. Tonight we will know where LeBron James will play basketball next year so the end of the “LeBron – a – Thon” is in sight.

Here is the bad news. He is going to take an hour on ESPN to make his announcement.

Originally, this Quick Quiz was going to have only four possible selections for you. However, events of the last week or so demand that LeBron James be added to the list:

    Who is the biggest attention-whore of the following?

      LeBron James
      Lance Armstrong
      Brett Favre
      Lady Gaga
      Abby Sunderland and her family.

Given that LeBron James has decided to put himself out there as someone more important than anyone else in basketball – - and maybe more important than basketball itself – - he had better win a championship immediately. In fact, given this indulgence in self-importance, he ought to win three in a row starting next year with whatever team he decides to join.

Meanwhile in NFL free agent news, Terrell Owens is taking notes regarding the conclusion of the “LeBron – a – Thon” and figuring out how he can schedule his own one-hour announcement program on ESPN. He will probably have more success once he has at least one NFL team that has even a marginal interest in having him on their roster. However, T.O. was never one to worry about getting ahead of himself when it came to self-promotion.

In other NBA news, the LA Clippers hired Vinny Del Negro as their coach. Del Negro just completed 2 years with the Chicago Bulls; he is a very balanced coach; his record in Chicago was 82-82. I have no idea why his recent firing by the Bulls was a positive inclusion on his résumé… Then again, these are the Clippers – a team that has missed the playoffs in 15 of the last 17 seasons.

Mentioning the Chicago Bulls reminds me that I just saw the annual video clips of the “running of the bulls” in Spain. I have long thought that this event suffers from misnaming. I think it ought to be called:

    The Running Of The Morons – - and a jog in the streets for the bulls.

With Spain and Holland ready to meet in the finals of the World Cup tournament, there are sure to be at least two new happenings in World Cup history:

    1. This will be the first time a team from Europe will have won the World Cup in a country that is not part of Europe.

    2. One country will win the World Cup for the first time.

The NCAA football season begins with the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game and the sponsors/networks thought that a game between Tennessee and USC would be a good way to get things started in the 2011 season. It will not happen because reports say that Tennessee does not want the game. Too bad; there would be such opportunities to bash Lane Kiffin that it would be a fun time for lots of folks.

There is a major sports scandal brewing in Japan – - of all places – - and it involves sumo wrestling. No, the wrestlers are not fibbing about their weights or anything like that. Sumo wrestlers are – - gasp – - gambling on baseball games. The reputation of sumo wrestling has taken a serious hit over this matter to the point where the Japanese version of PBS has refused to televise some upcoming tournaments even though the network has been doing so for more than the last 50 years.

The AP reports that the scandal involves allegations that wrestlers and coaches have been betting big money on baseball games and using gangsters/organized crime figures as the intermediaries in these wagering endeavors. At least one senior sumo competitor – - Kotomitsuki – - and his manager have been suspended by the folks who run sumo wrestling in Japan and they may not participate in any future tournaments.

While betting on baseball may not seem like a “death-sentence” offense for a sumo wrestler or coach, this comes on the heels of other scandals which have included unsubstantiated allegations of sumo match fixing “for the benefit” of organized crime members. Recently, a couple of coaches were suspended from sumo in Japan for providing ringside seats to a group of folks described as “members of a notorious crime syndicate.”

Now before anyone gets any snarky ideas, there is no evidence here – - none whatsoever – - that Pete Rose is involved in any way in the baseball wagering activities mentioned here.

Finally, with Andre Dawson set to enter the MLB Hall of Fame this year, Greg Cote had this note in the Miami Herald:

“The Hall is undecided whether Dawson’s official Cooperstown hat will be that of the Expos or Cubs. Players are not allowed to choose, denying Dawson his reported preference for a green, Robin Hood-styled archer’s hat with feathered plume.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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  • Ed  On July 8, 2010 at 1:28 am

    Sunderland and family are the big attention whores. The others are pros, and make MONEY from these controversies.

    Though some jokes are made at their expense too – after Gaga’s flipping of the bird at Citi Field a few weeks back, the Mets used the press for a promo – vote for David Wright for the All-Star game. Wright is a legit choice – he is leading the league in RBIs and hitting about .320, and may make a 30-30 season. But they handed out those stupid foam hands with an outstretched index finger- and said “Use the Wright finger”. Nice twist IMO.

    I’ll watch the running of the bulls. I root for the bulls. Chlorinate that gene pool!

    I was afraid a sumo wrestler was spotted with a light beer…. well, with a betting scandal, I suppose Rose would be the baseball guy you associate with the sumos. Until now, I think it would have been John Kruk….

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On July 9, 2010 at 8:38 am


    It is not fashionable to call Abby Sunderland nasty names or to ascribe anything but uplifting adjectives to her loving parents. I think she is an attention-whore and I think her parents are enabling attention-whores. I am not fashionable…

    The whole “Use the Wright finger” business was clever and creative. And you are right; David Wright belongs on the All-Star team.

    Running with the bulls is one of the stupidest human endeavors on the planet. Exclamation Point!

    Remember that a couple of sumo wrestlers got busted about 3 years ago for using marijuana. Just what the world needs; sumo wrestlers with “the munchies”…

  • Rich  On July 10, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    My hopes are dashed. LeBron didn’t sign with my favorite pro team, the Washington Generals. I look forward to another five decades of losing seasons. Maybe I should switch my allegiance back to the Knicks.

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On July 12, 2010 at 12:14 pm


    Sorry for your loss…

    Best of seven right now between the NY Knicks and the Washington Generals. The Las Vegas odds would be…???

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