Monthly Archives: July 2010

RIP – – Jack Tatum

Here is another helping of odds and ends as I go back off the air for about a week. We were home just long enough to do laundry and re-pack the bags. I will be back late next week. Jack Tatum passed away yesterday. Tatum was most widely known for the hit he made on […]

George Steinbrenner – – A Balancing Act

Before leaving on hiatus, #2 son said that he had been disappointed that I had only mentioned the passing of George Steinbrenner about two weeks ago. When I returned and checked through my e-mails, three readers also expressed surprise that I had not made more extensive comments on Steinbrenner’s life and one of them said: […]

Clean Up Time…

Today I need to clean up a bunch of items on my clipboard because I will be on hiatus after today. Upcoming will be a set of journeys such that I MIGHT be writing for a day or two the week after next and then shut down until about August 8. The NCAA is investigating […]

The Onset Of The British Open

The British Open begins this weekend. So far, all I have heard about is the weather – – it is raining in Scotland to the surprise of no one of Scottish extraction – – and the enigma of how well Tiger Woods may or may not play in this event. One of the talking heads […]

RIP – – George Steinbrenner

Everyone knows that today is Bastille Day but only people of a certain age can look at the date and understand why it is also Dragnet Day… Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a sports columnist with whom I correspond occasionally. Since he did not choose to make this thought part of a column today, […]

World Cup 2010 In The Rearview Mirror

Now that the World Cup tournament is over, I want to make a few overview observations. First, I said before – – and I repeat here – – that ESPN might learn a lot from these telecasts in terms of having no one “drop into the booth for a chat” and in terms of minimizing […]

ESPN Did Not Cover Itself In Glory Here

After the ESPN presentation of “The Decision” as to where LeBron James will play basketball next year, I felt as if I needed to take a shower. No one involved in the program seemed to be embarrassed in the least; that made me feel slimy for them. 1. Never again will I pay any attention […]

Kudos To ESPN’s British Commentators

It is fashionable to take potshots at ESPN – – the self-proclaimed “World Wide Leader in Sports” – – when they do excessive self-promotion or when their on air personalities take things over the top. When ESPN “gets one right”, they usually do not get kudos. Allow me to offer kudos to whomever at ESPN […]

Good News – – Bad News

Here is the good news. Tonight we will know where LeBron James will play basketball next year so the end of the “LeBron – a – Thon” is in sight. Here is the bad news. He is going to take an hour on ESPN to make his announcement. Originally, this Quick Quiz was going to […]

What Does The US Soccer Federation Do For A Living?

I do not intend this to be soccer bashing; if that is all you want to read about soccer, you will probably be disappointed. I am not – – nor do I aspire to be – – one of the “soccer poets” who is certain that someday soon the American sporting public will come around […]