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Forecast Is Cloudy at UConn…

NCAA investigators announced that they have uncovered 8 violations of NCAA rules in the men’s basketball program at UConn. Many have to do with recruiting and improper phone calls and contacts with potential players. If the story and the charges ended there, UConn would fire an assistant and/or put some booster on the “Do Not […]

World Cup Soccer Games – – Boom or Bust?

Yesterday, I talked about some economic problems associated with two of the top soccer leagues in Europe. With the impending World Cup games in South Africa, one might think that this would be bonanza time for the people in that country. Given a few of the numbers that are beginning to surface, that may not […]

Recommended Reading

With writers and commentators taking sides on the advisability of playing the Super Bowl outdoors in an undomed stadium in a “cold weather venue”, leave it to Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to come up with an entertaining way to make his case… He thinks it is a good idea. Whether or not you […]

Soccer Economics

The World Cup starts in about two weeks. Even in soccer-phobic America, there will be a lot of attention paid to the games and to the tournament as a whole. Soccer is an acquired taste; I have acquired a sufficient taste for soccer that I enjoy watching top-level clubs play each other; I am not […]

Like Gen. MacArthur, I Have Returned

After a two-week hiatus, there is a lot to catch up on. From the perspective of not hearing any of the details of what was going on in the US sporting world for the last 16 days, there are some surprising events and some not-at-all surprising things that have happened. When I left, the Philadelphia […]

Admin Note – – On Hiatus

My long-suffering wife and I shall embark on another European excursion tomorrow (9 May). We will be visiting Budapest, taking a “luxury train” through Romania and Bulgaria to arrive in Istanbul and eventually on to Cappadocio in Turkey. We will return on Monday 24 May. I should be back on the air here on either […]

RIP – – Robin Roberts

Hall of Fame pitcher, Robin Roberts, died yesterday. He was one of the starting pitchers in the first baseball game that I saw in person; that was in 1949. Robin Roberts’ career demonstrates a fundamental change in MLB between the 1950s and today. Pitchers in the 50s pitched more often and more innings than pitchers […]

RIP – – Ernie Harwell

Hall of Fame broadcaster, Ernie Harwell, passed away earlier this week. When I was a kid – – before the days of satellite TV relays and the Internet by quite a while – – I used to scan the AM radio dial at night trying to pull in distant radio stations because the ionospheric skip […]

Recommended Reading

Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle had a few choice words about the “doofus” in Philly who ran on the field and caught the business end of the taser. This column is worth reading in its entirety. Enjoy.

Remember, Fan Is Short For Fanatic

The phrase “Philly sports fan” conjures up a specific set of images in the minds of most folks who follow sports in the US. The reputation of the Philadelphia Police Department as a no-nonsense kind of organization was cemented into place during the days when Frank Rizzo was the Police Commissioner and reinforced by the […]