Mets’ Machinations

The NY Mets’ roster decisions continue to confound. On their roster as of this morning, they have four catchers:

    Rod Barajas: He will be 35 years old in June. In his 11-year career, his batting average is .238 and his career OBP is .284.

    Henry Blanco: He will be 39 years old in August. In his 12-year career, his batting average is .228 and his career OBP is .292.

    Chris Coste: He is already 37 years old. In his 4-year career, his batting average is a respectable .272 and his OBP is .329.

    Omir Santos: He will be 29 in April. In his 2-year MLB career, his batting average is .254 and his OBP is .290.

Two patterns emerge here. There is a pair of old catchers who have proven they cannot hit. In addition, there is a pair of catchers who spent an eternity getting to the major leagues.

    Memo to Omar Minaya: You may want to rethink your strategic approach to the “catching position” here.

Last season, the Chicago White Sox took a big gamble when they picked up the contract of Alex Rios. The Blue Jays had signed him to a huge contract and when his season cratered, they cut him. When the White Sox plucked him off the waiver wire, that action put the White Sox on the hook for the balance of Rios’ contract worth approximately $60M. In case you forgot, here is how bad Rios’ season in 2009 was:

    Prior to 2009, Rios never hit below .262. In 2009, he hit .242; and for the 41 games he played for the White Sox, he just missed the “Mendoza Line” at .199.

    With the White Sox, he had 3 HRs in 146 at-bats. He drove in 11 runs.

A couple of years ago, Alex Rios was an All-Star. If that incarnation shows up for the White Sox this year, they will look like geniuses. If last year turns out not to be an aberration, the Alex Rios Era in Chicago will not be remembered fondly on the South Side.

Quick Quiz: Which NL manager’s seat is “hotter” at this moment?

    Dusty Baker (Reds)
    Jerry Manuel (Mets)
    Lou Piniella (Cubs)

    Discuss – - in 100 words or less…

According to reports in the NY papers, the Jets are having trouble selling out the Personal Seat Licenses for the new stadium that will open in September. My memory is not nearly as good as it used to be, but it was not all that long ago when the Jets’ ownership crowed about having a 20-year waiting list for season tickets. If that was even close to a fact, why are they still well short of selling out the PSLs and the season tickets for the new stadium?

Danny Boy Snyder pulled the same kind of nonsense about ten years ago. When he bought the team, the Redskins continued to market the fiction that they had sold out every home game since Joan of Arc’s career flamed out. Naturally, the visual evidence at every home game of thousands of empty seats painted bright yellow did not disprove that assertion. Danny Boy was like the Wizard of Oz; just do not look behind the curtain. Back then, Danny Boy asserted a waiting list of 40 years and one of his minions obliquely referred to the fact that the waiting list for Skins’ season tickets might be hundreds of years since fans just willed their seats to their heirs.

So, why do I get solicitations for various season ticket plans in the mail? So, why do I get cold calls from people working for the Redskins in ticket sales? That 40-year waiting list evaporated pretty quickly, no?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Your nose is longer than a telephone wire.

The Green Bay Packers will travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles in the upcoming season. This season will be the 50th anniversary of the Eagles’ NFL Championship victory over the 1960 Packers coached by Vince Lombardi. [Fast fact: That loss by the Packers in 1960 was the only loss by a Vince Lombardi coached team in post-season play.] Back then, the Eagles played their home games at Franklin Field on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

There is a rumor out there that the Eagles might try to play the game against the Packers at Franklin Field in 2010. The stadium is still there but it is about 12,000 seats short of the number the Eagles would need to get all of their season ticket holders into the game. The field is a horseshoe so temporary stands might work. Stay tuned…

Finally, here are two comments from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald regarding Lance Armstrong:

“Lance Armstrong asked supporters to grow mustaches to raise cancer awareness and back his Livestrong Foundation. The drive enjoyed support among athletes, particularly Eastern European women.”

“Cyclist Lance Armstrong, who lost a testicle to cancer, is now endorsing a product called DZNuts, a ‘high viscosity chamois cream,’ designed to prevent the chafing of one’s private parts. Let’s move on.”

But don’t get me wrong, I love sports…

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  • Ed  On March 18, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    The Mets think Thole will be ready next year latest. Maybe the end of this. They did not convince Molina they wanted him bad enough, he wanted a multiyear to move from SFO. I think Coste is supposed to mentor Thole in Buffalo. That doesn’t work, if the Twins don’t settle with Mauer, could have a bidding war….

    …but doesn’t Yogi still live in Jersey?

    I dunno what Omar thinks. Sometimes I wonder if he does.

  • The Sports Curmudgeon  On March 19, 2010 at 9:00 am


    If the Mets want to collect aging catchers, they could do a lot worse than contacting Yogi. The old guys they have are certain not to hit well. Yogi has been out of the game for a while, but he has not proven that he cannot still hit…

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