Monthly Archives: March 2010

Their Record Is Safe…

The New Jersey Nets failed to make history in this 2009/10 NBA basketball season. This week, they won their tenth game of the year; they no longer can go down in history as the worst NBA team ever. That is sort of sad. If you are going to suffer through five months of a season […]

Martha Burk Strikes Again

As the NCAA Tournament proceeds, CBS continues to “remind” us that The Masters will happen the week after the Tournament ends. By “remind” I really mean that they are driving that point home with all the subtlety and innuendo of driving a ten-penny nail through our collective parietal bones into our brains. I have noticed […]

What Else But College Basketball Today?

After a great weekend of NCAA Tournament games, today’s rant has to be devoted to college basketball. Let me run through the notes I have regarding the 12 games… Syracuse/Butler: People point to Syracuse’s inability to score in the final 5 minutes of this game as the reason for their ouster. Actually, Syracuse shot poorly […]

Soccer Season Starts In The US

During pauses in the NCAA tournament action last night, I flipped over to one of the ESPN channels to check in on the season opening MLS game between the Seattle Sounders and the expansion Philadelphia Union. What I saw was a huge crowd in Seattle for this first game of the season despite a serious […]

NCAA Tournament – – Week 2

The tournament resumes today. In a normal year, the games that cut the field from 16 teams to 4 teams are the best collection of games in the whole season. This year’s tournament is hardly a normal one, but I suspect that the 12 games between now and Sunday will provide some grand entertainment. The […]

Off The Beaten Path Today…

The WNBA has lost some teams and had to relocate franchises. Women’s pro soccer is in difficulty in the US. Ticket stubs from the first round games of the women’s NCAA tournament could all fit in a shoebox. Nevertheless, there is hope on the horizon for women’s pro sports in the US: The Lingerie Football […]

Catching Up…

I need to pick up on a couple of things that happened in the last week that I overlooked because it is “Tournament Time” and that is where my attention has been focused. The first issue is the revelation that Rangers’ manager, Ron Washington, admitted to his GM and/or his owner last year at the […]

Notes While Getting To The Sweet Sixteen

Here are a couple dozen of the notes that I took – – and comments on those notes – – whilst watching all of the NCAA tournament games that CBS deemed necessary in my particular viewing area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week: 1. Morgan State’s offense equals, “throw up an off-balance shot and […]

NCAA Tournament Musings

With all of the lower seeded teams that won in the first day of the tournament, I expect that the cries for expanding the tournament to 96 teams will take the volume up a notch very soon. With all of the upsets yesterday, I can hear the lobbyists for increasing the number of mid-majors in […]

Mets’ Machinations

The NY Mets’ roster decisions continue to confound. On their roster as of this morning, they have four catchers: Rod Barajas: He will be 35 years old in June. In his 11-year career, his batting average is .238 and his career OBP is .284. Henry Blanco: He will be 39 years old in August. In […]