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Admin Note – – On Hiatus

I will be off the air for the next couple of weeks. My long-suffering wife and I are flying south – – where it is warm – – with friends. We will be visiting Panama and spending three days of our trip on a small watercraft traversing the Panama Canal. I will probably post my […]

A Harbinger Of Spring

I do not know where you live; but for anyone reading this in the Mid-Atlantic region or the northeast part of the US, you probably have had enough of winter and are ready for spring. Even cross-country skiers have to have had enough of this nonsense by now… Therefore, I am going to do my […]

Recommended Reading

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer hit this one out of the park…

Aftermath Of The Tiger Woods Apologia

After the fact of the “Tiger Woods Apologia” on Friday, I feel no need to change anything I said on that subject last Thursday evening. However, there was one aftermath of his staged appearance that does need a comment. To the shock and horror of everyone at ESPN, the Dalai Lama had never heard of […]

Tiger Woods’ Reemergence

In all of the rants I have done here, I do not think I have ever done this before. I must inform you that I am writing this late at night on the day before the date that you see at the top of this rant. I want to make that clear because I am […]

Mailing It In…

As someone who grew up reading Sports Illustrated religiously every week, I knew something about a guy in Texas named Blackie Sherrod who was the sports editor of a newspaper there that seemed to send lots of really good writers to SI. Do not hold me to this list because it is from synapses that […]

Maintaining Mark McGwire’s Image

Ari Fleischer had a difficult time as George W. Bush’s press secretary in terms of trying to maintain a positive image for his principal. After doing his job well for about 3 years, he moved on to other challenges and opportunities in the world of communications and image polishing/maintenance. He now has a new client […]

Shame On The Daytona International Speedway

The 2010 Daytona 500 was a humongous embarrassment. More than 2 hours of delays to fix a pothole on a racetrack that had not been resurfaced since 1978 cannot be considered “acceptable” for the “Super Bowl of NASCAR”. Just to refresh some memories, here is what was going on in 1978 – – the same […]

It’s The Year Of The Tiger

Yesterday was the start of the Chinese New Year; today we begin the Year of the Tiger. Considering what Tiger Woods accomplished in recent years when it was not the Year of the Tiger, I would suggest that locking up the womenfolk might be in order… By the way, did medical understanding change or did […]

A Slumgullion Of Sports

What I have today is sort of a slumgullion of sports – – a little of this and a little of that, one from Column A and two from Column B. If folks are right when they say that you never want to see how sausage is made, then what follows here ought not to […]