Monthly Archives: January 2010

Odds And Ends

Today, I want to clean up a few odds and ends on my clipboard starting with the reputation St. Louis enjoys as a “great baseball town” where the fans are knowledgeable and appreciate the innovative ways of their St. Louis Cardinals. A couple of weeks ago, the new Cards’ hitting coach, Mark McGwire appeared at […]

NFL Improvements – – Part VII

As you can tell from the headline here, I have done a few of these before. In the past, I could always count on one reader sending me a long and thoughtful response to my suggestions as to how the NFL can improve itself and its game. That reader was someone that I met in […]

The Super Bowl Game Is Set

I think it was clear that the Indianapolis Colts were the better team on the field last Sunday against the Jets. Obviously, I do not have the coaches’ tape for the game, but I cannot recall a single time in the second half when Peyton Manning was hit – – even slightly – – by […]

Admin Note

I will be off the air until the middle of next week – – probably Thursday. I will be attending to some family business involving a visit to Ann Arbor to move some furniture and to see my grandson. Check back next week, please…

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 1/24/10

From last week’s mythical picks, I got a few gold stars and a few embarrassing moments. Here is how they stacked up: 1. I liked the Cardinals plus 7 points against the Saints. They did not even come close to covering. Embarrassing Moment! 2. I liked the Saints/Cards game to go Over 56. It did. […]

Calling Bulls*it Today…

I keep partisan political comments out of these rants; that does not mean that I ignore happenings in the political arena. It is just that I have no interest in having any dealings with the fringe elements – – on both sides of the political spectrum – – that seem to dominate the political blogosphere. […]

The NBA Season Is Half Over. Who Knew?

The NBA season is half over. Imagine that. One of the major sports in the US has played about 50% of its scheduled games and only a few sports fans have paid any attention. Think about it; if you stopped 100 sports fans on the street and asked them to name the teams in any […]

Love Makes The World Go Round…

When I was a teenager – – just prior to the ultimate extinction of the saber-toothed tigers – – Perry Como had a hit song titled Love Makes The World Go Round. Perry may have been onto something there in a general sense; but in the world of sports, it is money that makes the […]

Thank You, AFC…

Last week, I said we needed to thank the Green Bay Packers for making a game of it with the Arizona Cardinals after three blowout games on “mildcard” weekend. This week we need to say thanks to the AFC. Both NFC playoff games last weekend were colossally boring. Ignoring the score and the possibility of […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 1/17/10

Here are the pluses and minuses from last week: 1. I liked the Bengals to win and cover. They lost outright. Minus! 2. I liked the Cowboys to win and cover 4 points. They did, handily. Plus! 3. I said the Ravens had a legit shot to win outright so I took them with 3.5 […]