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Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 1/3/10

Here is rundown of last week’s Mythical Picks highlights and lowlights. And for the week, there were more highlights than lowlights… 1. I liked the Chargers/Titans to go Over 47. They did. Highlight! 2. I liked the Bills/Falcons to go Under 41. They did. Highlight! 3. I liked the Chiefs/Bengals to go Under 41. They […]

2009 – The Year In Review

We have turned the calendar page twelve times and 2009 is about to disappear into the rearview mirror. Sadly, some folks will not be joining us on the journey into the next year/decade. Here are a few we might want to remember. January: Senator Claiborn Pell issued his last grant. Joe Hirsch, Daily Racing Form […]

The Trite Trophy 2009

Today, I feel like Luke Skywalker. I feel as if I have achieved a level of understanding regarding a cosmological concept through study at the foot of The Master. I can now contemplate further growth in my mystical insights in the hope that someday I might become like The Master. Let me explain… As I […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 12/27/09

Let me start by going over the peaks and valleys in last week’s Mythical Picks – – and there were about as many peaks as there were valleys: 1. I liked the Saints/Cowboys game to go Over 54. It did not even come close. Valley! 2. I liked the Ravens to win and cover 10.5 […]

Clearing The Air For The Holidays

At this time of the year, we are supposed to think of “tidings of comfort and joy” and “good will towards men” and “joy to the world”. The problem is that nonsensical stuff keeps getting in the way of all those good feelings. So let me try to expunge a few such things from my […]

Bed-Wetting On National TV…

I hope you saw the bed-wetting performance that the Washington Redskins put on for a national TV audience last night. Even Jon Gruden who has not had a harsh word about anyone in the NFL all season long could not hide his revulsion at the performance on the field. Let me be sure you understand […]

Happy Holidays To All…

This is a time of year when people of different religious preferences and different cultures celebrate Holidays that are important to them. While the focus of the celebrations may differ, the underlying sentiment at this time of the year seems to be one of inclusive friendship and camaraderie. I hope that everyone has the opportunity […]

Meathead Of The Year – – 2009

These days the news cycles are fast and often short-lived. Stories hit the papers and the Internet, blaze for a day or three and then become consigned to the dustbin of irrelevance. In the past year, we have seen stories about plenty of meatheads but until you sit down and think about them, you can […]

Mythical Picks – NFL – Weekend of 12/20/09

There were some highs and some lows in last week’s Mythical Picks. Here is a summary: 1. I liked the Saints/Falcons to go Over 50. The total score was 49. Low! 2. I sort of liked the Saints to cover 10 points. They didn’t. Low! 3. I liked Lions/Ravens to go Over 39. The Ravens […]

Part Of A Vast Conspiracy? Not Really…

There is something about the fanboys of bad NFL teams. When their bad team draws criticism or a mild rebuke in the media, they hit their message boards with frothing mouths screaming about the conspiracy that exists in the media to heap scorn and abuse on their heroes. One of the standard arguments regarding these […]